Finding those hidden food spots which offer quality, great prices and excellent flavor isn’t as easy as it could be, until now. Come along with us as we show you Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisine in Cerritos where the whole family can enjoy a great meal without the upper strata price gouging.

El Olivo – Spanish & Mediterranean Cuisine

Originally from Madrid, Spain; Patricia and Rafael have been in Colombia for more than 5 years making a life and a name for themselves. With a passion for the traditional homemade recipes for Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisine of their homeland and a deep respect and admiration for their second home in Colombia, they are here to make a difference.

In their own words, “Nuestro deseo es brindarle lo mejor de nosotros mismos como ustedes nos han acogido en su tierra querida, especialmente en el eje cafetero con su capital de Pereira, de la que nos enamoramos.” / Our desire is to offer you the best of ourselves as you have welcomed us in your beloved land, especially in the Coffee axis the capital being Pereira, with which we have fallen in love!

Patricia learned most of her delicious well-prepared dishes from her grandmothers kitchen as a young girl. Her passion is evident in the quality of the taste, flavor and seasoning. At el Olivo, you will find her cooking and overseeing the kitchen to ensure an unmatchable level of care and authenticity.


El Olivo is a beautiful blend of the most popular traditional recipes of Spain and the Mediterranean. The proprietors are raising the standard with their attention and feel for fine dining. We hope to see them grow to become a powerhouse of Coffee Axis cuisine for our valued visitors and local residents.

Location: C.C. Cerritos del Mar – 200 meters after Iglesia de Cerritos        Call: 3177697572      #YoComíEnElOlivo       

There are a few basic themes which El Olivo features: Cocktails, Single Origin Wine, Sangria, Spanish Cuisine, and Meditterranean Favorites like Pizza and Pasta.


Especially if you have a taste for fine wine, then you are in for a treat. El Olivo features an extensive wine menu with categories of Spanish imports which include Rioja, Rivera del Duero and Somontano. Visitors can choose from the standard options of red, rose and white wine and receive great quality for the price they will pay. For sangria lovers, you will find a Spanish style preparations. The recipe for their Sangria follows the traditional recipes of the old country.


Curated by an elite bartender,  Giancarlo Hincapie Martinez, who has been awarded multiple times on a national level. A few of his cocktails are featured on the menu and elaborated with professionalism and style. Ask about their special Gin & Tonic preparation which is a table-side production guaranteed to whet your thirst and keep you coming back for more. In our humble opinion, it is the BEST gin and tonic we have tried so far, in Pereira.


We also want to make a special mention not only about the size of their rum collection, but the spirit of local products which el Olivo features. Ask about their locally made rum called “Parce Rum” which comes from the nearby department of Quindio. It has a rich nose and a refined taste which competes well with other national rum brands. Definitely a must-try!


The menu features famous Spanish favorites like fried cheese, fluffy potato croquettes and the calamaris a la Andaluza. We had the opportunity to try these, and they were delicious!


The cheese is a local style called “Papialpa,” which had a mozzarella like feel with a nice taste which became mind-blowing with the addition of balsamic vinegar and pieces of sun-dried tomato.


The potato balls, or croquettes were fluffy, light and well made. We only tried a few options of their appetizer menu but we also noted that the prices were reasonable for the location and quality, between 12,000-18,000 COP.

Main Dishes

Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisine

Their main dish options consist of Paella, Seafood – Fish, Meat and Pizza. The paella is flavorful and soft without being too dry or too moist. The seafood is made with a quality of attention and care which ensures that items like the calamari aren’t chewy, but instead has the right tone of hardness yet tender enough to chew up and really appreciate. The fish is made tender with the right amount of firmness and sauces to complement the taste. Their portions are reasonable and well-allotted for the prices they charge.

Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisine

Pizza, a classic which is loved worldwide. Even more so because the pizza dough comes from another Pereira City Guide favorite, La Trattoria. This is what makes eateries like this one really shine. They do what they know, the Spanish cuisine, and they bring in the authenticity of their Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisine without cutting corners. The dough comes directly from the most worthy – an Italian restauranteur who is well-respected, and who articulates with care and quality. Customers who love La Trattoria, can have a piece of their excellence – without having to run all the way up to Pereira for the pizza they crave.


We are so excited to be presenting you with this great new option for fine dining in Pereira. They have ticked all the boxes with not only their taste and preparation of the food, but their love for their adopted country – Colombia. As foreign residents we are always somewhere between stability and security – and total disaster. Which obligates us even more to exercise respect and appreciation for these far-away lands which we fall in love with and decide to call home.

Location: C.C. Cerritos del Mar – 200 meters after Iglesia de Cerritos        Call: 3177697572      #YoComíEnElOlivo        

Remember, every time you visit a locally owned and operated business like this one, you are helping to support the local economy. Here at it is a part of our mission to support local businesses, local families and local initiatives. Together we are helping to create a stronger community with future opportunities and progress. #EatLocal #SupportLocal #BuyLocal



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