In the world of travel is a region that until now, has not been very well-documented. Coffee Axis Travel is a new project which picks up where Pereira City Guide has left off, or at the very least, reached its boundaries!

Pereira City Guide Lives!!!

In three years of operation, we have managed to open up Pereira and Risaralda like never before. Here are our top 5 most popular stories:

These stories have managed to drive more interest and support for life in Pereira, than ever before. Over time we will continue to post Pereira-relevant content for our valued audience, even as we begin a new project.

Meet Coffee Axis Travel!

We have spawned a site which will create a much larger focus and open up our professional options a bit more. was born of a few important changes in the life of our editor. One, she felt that Pereira is still extremely relevant, and two – suddenly a lot of new options were opening up in the City of Open Doors, Manizales.

Expect to read about gastronomy, expat lifestyles, travel destinations and real estate opportunities both for sale or rent. We will be bringing you the best boots-on-the-ground content available in the Coffee Axis of Colombia!

The ultimate goal of Coffee Axis Travel is to expand our reach as far as the south of Antioquia, the west of Tolima and the north of Valle de Cauca while bringing you the best up-to-date content available in the Coffee Axis, or Eje Cafetero. For now we will begin by focusing on Risaralda, Quindio and Caldas. Count on us for your travel, lifestyle and gastronomy information on all things Coffee Axis!

Travel With Us

One of the biggest opportunities we have with our new page, will be special travel experiences that focus on sustainable, conscientious tourism experiences. It doesn’t matter what age or background you come from, we can create travel itineraries which are tailor-made for you!

By expanding our reach outward to the Coffee Axis, we will be opening more tours to more places. The key difference with what we are doing and promoting, is the way in which we do it. No corporate, overrated, over publicized destinations which all the other tour operators already have. On our new site we will be rolling out a series of travel experiences which will be led by Tour Interpreters.

A “Tour Interpreter” is someone which accompanies you on your experience and helps create connection and immersion. We aren’t here to give you a canned speech based on corporate policies. We are here as a subtle complement to translate as needed, give you our personally studied information, and ensure you are having the experience you dreamed of. Email or Whatsapp us today to start designing your own personalized experience: +57 312 794 8245 OR

Work With Us

We are easy to work with, if you are willing to put in the effort. This project continues to be a PART-TIME gig. Which means that much of what keeps us hanging on is sheer passion for writing versus massive financial benefits. In a typical month we earn enough to keep the lights on but not to pay other salaries.

By working with us you are learning the ins and outs of travel/food/lifestyle writing, gaining local experience and helping to create something bigger than “x” travel blog. The biggest benefit is honing your skills with our editorial insights, while also getting your name in the byline PLUS a link to your own work. It’s a reciprocal push for people who enjoy writing yet need more link backs.

If you have some topics which you feel are missing or even a potential client, then we encourage you to contact us via email. There we can begin sharing ideas which will grow and become new content for us, while gaining your own visibility, earning some extra pesos, and the link backs for your blog! It’s the perfect content strategy for newbie bloggers, or travel writers who need more publishing opportunities and/or retired residents who have their own useful insights.

Let’s talk soon!


It is our goal to continue to publish on while expanding our focus to the bigger picture of at the same time.

Stay with us as we continue to bring you new content, experiences and the information you need!

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