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Pereira is the Pearl of the River Otun, also known as the City Without Doors. 

Unfortunately, many people we have encountered in our Colombian travels often have never heard of Pereira. It’s a biggish small city and the capital of the coffee region. A center of commerce and production, it is very progressive and modern compared to other parts of Colombia.

We have agriculture, hydroelectricity, and beautiful views. It’s a place for people who love nature, with hiking and camping only minutes away from the city center.

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Meet Erin Donaldson. With a background in agriculture, writing was an unexpected career turn. In her home country, Erin had faced the challenge of limited opportunities which inspired her to move abroad in 2011.

It was time to do something different! She quit her boring dead-end sales job, sold everything, and went to South America.

Her first foray into the world of blogs and websites was in 2012, and started with her first blog One day, she realized that there really wasn’t a local authority on tourism and information, in English. And that idea turned into Pereira City Together with some consulting from European web developer Phill Wess, Erin carefully planned Pereira City Guide (dot) com, as a small blog – with huge potential.

Today, Pereira City Guide, is becoming a household name, as locals, expats and visitors discover the value of high quality and accurate information about our beautiful city.

Now, Erin is a Commercial Journalist, Blogger and Photographer. Articles published in print and online media, and include publications like: Colombia Reports, World Nomads,, International Living Magazine,, and

Media Appearances: 2019/2020 Participant in El Eje Capital de Todos on Telecafe, 2016 TV Reality Show Mochileros Participant, 2017 Appearance by Invitation on “Entre Mujeres” Telecafe interviewed about Articles Writing/Travel Blogging/Online and Print Publications/Graphic Design/Slideshare/Social Media/Influencer.  2018, featured on La Voz de Los Andes Radio, Radio Caracol, La Patria, Canal CNC Regional and more.

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