It is with a heavy heart I must reword this article.  I had not intended to convey the feeling that these restaurants were anything bad.  In fact these restaurants are actually quite good.  My original title was:  WARNING: In Pereira You Must AVOID These 5 Restaurants!  However, quite unexpectedly my humor backfired one me.

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Restaurant #1: Camden Town Gastro Pub

Don’t make the mistake of NOT eating high quality pub food while in Pereira.  You will probably find a wonderfully long list of absolutely scrumptious and delectable beers, whiskeys and even a large selection of Gin.


As for that high quality pub food.  Well, you won’t regret it.  It tastes wonderful.

Info: Camden Town Gastro Pub, Calle 11n #12b-20 Facebook: Camden Town   Call: (036) 345-9121 English speakers available to take your order!

Why would you want something slightly exotic that ACTUALLY tastes incredible?  Seriously, though: marinated grilled chicken hearts, homemade mustard sauce, chips, and artisan beer, it all sounds too delicious!

Camden Town

Oh, and people who love shrimp?   You should just go home now.  Especially if that shrimp tastes as yummy as it looks?  Run!  Hide!

Camden Town Gastro Pub


Restaurant #2: Latino

Don’t even get me going about all the interesting ideas that come from a name like this!  In fact, you should put this at the top of your TO DO list because, this place just takes the cake on WONDERFUL restaurants in Pereira.

Carrera 15 (one block from 30 de Agosto) between Calle 18 & Calle 19.  Open for Breakfast and  Lunch Monday – Saturday 8 am to 4 pm.

You might want to try some authentic Colombian food that explores the savory flavors of Latin America, with some special plates which are directly from the Pacific region of Colombia.   A taste which is actually quite exotic and which most tourists will never have the chance to try due to inaccessibility and danger located in the Pacific coast Department of El Choco.  You don’t need that type of adventure in your life.  Go eat some Sancocho!  Flavorless roadside soup is way better than an exotic sensory experience of taste and flavor!


Even worse, a chef in a funny hat who actually connects with guests!  Its amazing!  We need that type of positivity in our lives!


Encocado, a breaded fish filet, shrimp, clams and mussels on top with a special coconut sauce, plus a fried plantain chip, rice, and a fresh salad.  It’s too much of an oral delight for visitors, nothing to see here!  It’s not like reasonably priced food with fresh gourmet tastes and flavors really fits into your concept of a good lunch.

Restaurant #3: El Lugar Restaurant

Via Cerritos heading towards Pereira, Km 10, AFTER Karting Cross and Viviero (Garden shop), look for entrance with large El Lugar sign.  Open Tuesdays through Saturdays 12pm till 8pm.  7 languages spoken.  Call for info and reservations: (321) 558-4848  or visit website:

You are traveling, and having a chef come ask you what is your hearts desire, will enhance the experience completely. Who knows you might get run-over by all the hummingbirds and parrots which constantly hang around this place. With fresh air, a stunning view of the countryside, and fresh-from-scratch high quality ingredients, there is so much to see here.

El Lugar Hotel Boutique

You might try something new, like it, and then tell all your friends about how crazy-good it was!  Food porn.  Nothing but food porn.  A dinner like this one will totally improve your previous concept of what “romantic” truly is.  You should do something memorable like that.

El Lugar

This place is classy, the experience is very economical for the quality you are receiving and you will have a new experience every time.   Especially the gourmet coffee and dessert they want to share with you, that’s amazing!

El Lugar Coffee


Restaurant #4: Rio y Carbon Steakhouse

Km 9 Via La Florida, Look for a sign that says “La Bananera,”  keep going a bit farther and you will see it on the left hand side.  Open Saturdays & Sundays for lunch and dinner.  Facebook: Click Here  Pereira City Guide: Click Here  or Call: 3206103851 – 3105000550

Because good barbecue doesn’t exist. Nope, don’t even go there! Argentine and Colombian barbecue flavors with the sound of a rushing river in the background, it’s just too much relaxation. You’re probably going to like it! And the potential to see exotic birds, take a walk in nature after lunch, or just enjoy a coffee next to a blazing fire, is going to make your vacation special. Rio y Carbon Steakhouse

Again, in the same style as Latino, this is a restaurant which isn’t pitching for the highest or lowest price range.  They are so reasonable they will make you want to bring the entire family, plus aunt Thelma.  A family of 4 can enjoy a quality meal with drinks for only $25!  Crazy right?!

Rio y Carbon Steakhouse

Restaurant #5: Capriccio Ristorante, Comida Italiana y Parilla

Carrera 12 #2-32, La Rebekah.  Open 8am – 11 pm, Monday through Saturday. Call for info and reservations:(301) 457-7750 Facebook: Click Here

Oh Mama Mia, you want good Italian food ALWAYS! In fact, it is so likely that you will enjoy something like this that you really should just feel thankful you ever even read this far. It’s a place that never fails to please with its diverse but delicious menu.

Cappriccio Ristorante Italiana

From basic pasta flavors and pizza to Puerto Rican cuisine. Yes, I said it. You could order a delicious gourmet pasta favorite, OR, you can try a typical dish from Puerto Rico which consists of a plantain bowl filled with meat and sauces.  The best part is you won’t pay nearly as much for such yummy food, well-prepared like this, as you would in Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena.  Wait, what am I saying? This place is WONDERFUL!


Did I mention dessert?  No, you really wouldn’t want to put your tongue on that.  Or, would you?  Either way, taste explosions like this would totally ruin the exhausting authenticity of your vacation.  You really should go eat another arepa.

WARNING: In Pereira You Must VISIT These 5 Restaurants!

Seriously, why are you still reading this. Get out there and try out these great, I mean TERRIBLE, absolutely TERRIBLE, restaurants. Even if you are only here for a short weekend, be sure to throw a couple on your list in between the Arepas of Galicia, Piura (Yum, Peruvian food!) and Bonny Mix over at Centro Commercial Parque Arboleda. If you know someone with a car you might even be lucky enough to check out London House up on the hill near Santa Rosa de Cabal.


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