For the eco-conscious forest explorer, bird watcher or volunteer aficionado, this is for you! Where we show you how to lower your carbon footprint through Eco-Tourism in Pereira while helping to protect and conserve the world we live in. We are going to show you our two top recommendations for people who want to come, see natural beauty, yet also make a difference.

Eco-Tourism in Pereira

Our world is in an urgent crisis! Every hour, 25 football fields of forest is cut down in Colombia. It is going to take an urgent intervention on our parts to conserve our life-giving oxygen and water. In the city, we have a different mission = to pick up our litter and educate the local populations to stop throwing it on the ground. Together both these actions combine to create a world that is beautiful to live in, which sustains life.

Eco Tourism

We are going to show you two local projects which local and visitors can participate in. These are great activities to clean up the environment, create forests and even lower property taxes.

Mas Arboles, Mas Vida

As a young boy, Mauricio Garcia recounts, his grandfather took him to the forest and taught him the importance of planting trees and in turn, conserving water and wildlife. Today, it has become his vocation. But he needs your help!


Call: 310 467 4563      Instagram: @masarbolesmasvida

As tourists, when you plant trees with Mauricio, you will be exposed to a wonderful world of birds, wildlife and local plants. For investors and properties owners, there are also some very special programs to get involved in. Here are some of the benefits:

  • As a property owner, you can receive ample tax reduction for planting trees and ensuring that a percentage of your land is a nature reserve. A one time materials and labor cost will have a long term impact.
  • As an investor you can make a big impact and create your own eco-friendly natural paradise for camping, nature tourism or even as your own private world to visit. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.
  • As a tourist you are making a small but valuable contribution by planting a tree. Each participant will receive a certificate showing how they lowered their carbon footprint.

Accion Pereira

It’s time to take action! The current mayor and his administration have gone to great lengths to clean up the city. But its still not enough. Time for you and I to get involved in making a difference through Eco-Tourism in Pereira.

Eco-Tourism in Pereira

Tilemaxos, a greek expat, has created his own foundation called Accion Pereira, where he goes to poor neighborhoods, picks up trash and educates the local population about conservation and eco-friendly practices. Slowly he is making a difference with your help.

Call: 301 566 7630  English/Spanish

Gloves and trash bags are provided, the only thing missing is YOU making your own heartfelt contribution to a cleaner world. Meet-ups are once a month and gives visitors a great way to see Pereira in a different way, in off-beat places where a tourist would normally never even consider visiting. It’s like a slum tour with good karma and a happy ending.


For people who have the soul of a saint and who want to make a difference in the world, these two projects are sure to get you on your way. Eco-Tourism in Pereira may not be your thing, but you probably have friends who do enjoy it. Be sure to share this article with them and like our Facebook/Instagram: @PereiraCityG for future updates, stories and articles! We are here supporting local projects and initiatives for stronger families and a stronger community. #BuyLocal #SupportLocal #EatLocal


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