Relationships, neighbors, family and friends are all a beautiful part of life, until things go wrong. Pain, injury, break ups and hurt feelings can break the peace in our lives. At that point, you might need someone on your side who is willing to defend you and protect you from further harm. We are going to give you some guidance and introduce someone who we feel can give you How to Live in Peace, in Manizales and the Coffee Axis.

How to Live in Peace, In Manizales

Even as foreign residents, you have rights. Those rights are sacred and the same laws apply to you as to a Colombian citizen. Yet when things go wrong, the interpretation of the law can hurt you or help you depending on your approach to the situation. In this article we are going to review a few different situations and introduce you to a friend of ours who we feel is qualified to help ensure you receive the best interpretation possible.

How to Live in Peace, In Manizales

Pain and Injury

Workplace injury, car accidents or trauma through external means. Yes there is a process, but it follows much of the same steps as in countries like the US, Canada and Europe. You must have documentation in the form of pictures, doctors visits and police reports. The more you can cover your own tail, the better.


Typically for a neighborhood disturbance, you must either go speak with an independent medium of justice, or a public official. They will respond with a letter, or file a report which begins to establish a background for future action. If mediation fails then the next step is to get a dependable civil rights lawyer and prepare to take your case in front of a court official.


From rental agreements to sale/purchase or even business startup contracts, your peace of mind in Manizales and the Coffee Axis depends on contracts. Especially if your Spanish isn’t fully up to par, take some time to review strange wordings, sort out issues which arise, or even help prevent those issues from happening with someone who can help you to interpret the law and protect yourself from later issues. No question is too small when you are talking about something which could mean the difference on important things like qualifying for the right visa, your life’s savings or even your future spouse.

Marriage and Divorce

Es un calentado, or a hot situation. Sometimes you don’t get to choose love, the love chooses you. Says a local Italian expat friend of ours. And its true. It doesn’t hurt to protect yourself. Especially if you have assets to protect, you might want to talk to a lawyer about a pre-marriage inventory where you have a record of what is yours “prior to.” If you are breaking up, the fruits of that marriage could require a 50/50 split because it was something you built together.

Child Custody

One of the most difficult parts of breaking up, is going forward as a single parent. In Colombia, the rights of the mother tend to take precedence. Child support, custody and visitation all come into play, and the law will come into play as needed. On the other hand, they will also rule according to what is truly the best situation for the child based on the evidence, which might include shared custody.


Losing a family member can be sad and stressful, but even more so when inheritance is involved. Taxes, greedy family members or strange wording in last will/testaments can all cause a lot of stress. Be sure to check the laws and ensure your rights are protected. In many situations, peaceful mediation can resolve difficulties with a notary and prevent the necessity for court action.

Who is Cristian Daza?

How to Live in Peace, in ManizalesA good heart, brains, honesty and discipline are all characteristics which describe our friend Cristian, a civil rights lawyer who also has experience with commercial and constitutional law. Cristian, a native of Manizales, Caldas, spent time in the United States and worked to learn and become proficient in English. He is here to help ensure that foreign residents receive fair and accurate interpretations of Colombian law. Often we don’t look for these situations. The situations look for us, or fall to us through circumstance. When this happens, having the right resources can make all the difference.

Cell: 320 572 4423     email:


Our hope is that you find that Colombia is a paradise of biodiversity, with people who are warm and friendly. Except when it isn’t. When that happens, you need someone on your side to make it all work out so you can Live in Peace, in Manizales and the Coffee Axis. Our friend, Cristian Daza, is here to give good legal advice and represent you to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

We found Cristian to be very punctual, open-minded, and intelligent. He received us kindly and on-time. Props to the great effort he put into complying with our recommendations and requests for information – related to helping him gain a greater visibility in his local community.

Local businesses like this one, are the lifeblood of creating strong communities which support people who are worth supporting. Later that same person comes and spends time and money on local businesses like yours! Together we are working together to create an economy which #buylocal, #supportlocal and #eatlocal, for stronger family and community.

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    Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the great work.

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