For a special night out with someone you love, a reunion of friends or to celebrate in high style, Ebano Cocina de Autor is the perfect treat. Impress a client or spark romance with a restaurant that delivers ambiance, gourmet curated cuisine and attentive customer service at one of the best restaurants in Pereira.

Ebano Cocina de Autor

One of the mainstays of Pereira cuisine is the dining experience of Ebano Cocina de Autor at Hotel Movich on Avenida Circunvalar. Beyond your typical restaurant each customer is treated with impeccable quality and attention to detail.

Grab a couple friends and come check it out!

Ebano Cocina de autor

When you are seated, a wet towel is presented for customers to freshen up with before they order. And with an average of 75-80% humidity in Pereira, you will appreciate the thought.


On the “Entrada” or Appetizer menu you will find a small but well curated variety of dishes to choose from. We tried the Ceviche de Camaron Clasico which featured shrimp, tomato sauce, orange and cilantro on a bed of lettuce. It had the sweet edge of orange and the tangy finish of tomato sauce with fresh cilantro. It was sweet and sour in all the right ways.



Main Course

The Robalo was tender and flavorful. With the side of zucchini rounds it was the perfect compliment to the tastes of coconut milk and spices.


The pork ribs, were cut in the style of “chicharron,” and featured a special preparation. They were baked at 72 Celsius for 12 hours, then freezer packed until it is time to serve it. The freezer pack process adds to the already tender and flavorful roast by allowing the meat to mature and break down even more.  The meat was rich and flavorful with a great portion size and the perfect side salad consisting of palm heart, romaine lettuce and a tangy vinaigrette dressing.


Accompanying the chicharron was a glass of 2017 Chilean merlot and the robalo was served with sour sop juice.


They have a great dessert menu. It has some classic favorites like Tiramisu and some international ones like Brigadeiro, the classic Brazilian favorite. You won’t ever be dissappointed – and each one is crafted with love, and the best ingredients available.


On this occasion we tried their special dessert of the week, a “vulcan de chocolate” or Chocolate Volcano. And it was incredible. Who would have thought that the soft yet crusty cake on the outside had so much hot chocolately goodness on the inside. It was the perfect finish on a dining experience that you will probably want to write home about!


A picture is worth a thousand words, cliche but true. The above image is the reaction our guest had when we all tried the Chocolate Volcano. It.was.really.that.good!

A Chat With Our Attending Chef

We spoke with the attending chef that night, Sebastian Rivera about their compromiso, or commitment to quality service and Ebano, along with their approach to quality and service. Here’s what he had to say:

Buscamos los productos mas frescos, los productos que este en temporada, y que es donde usamos nuestro conocimiento como cocineros para picar y preparar cada ingrediente. / We look for the freshest ingredients, the produce that is in season and we use our knowledge as chef’s to cut and prepare each ingredient.

We also asked him what his own personal inspiration was:

Nosotros como chefs nos inspira primero que todo, los productos que tenemos, nos inspira el lugar donde estamos. Por ejemplo, Colombia es un país con muchos products, con mucho riqueza, encuentro fauna y flora. Queremos a contar este historia que tenemos Y nuestras tradiciones para comer. / As chefs, we are inspired first of all, by the products that we have. We are inspired by the place we are in. Colombia is a country with a lot of riches, you find fauna and flora. We want to tell the story that we have and the traditions for how we like to eat.

House Favorites: Los chicharrones, or the bacon pork cuts. Salmon con manzanas y queso azul, Salmon with apples and blue cheese. These are the two most popular and highly recommended plates at Ebano.


How to get there

Ebano is located inside Hotel Movich, Avenida Circunvalar in Pereira, on the second floor. Go in the main entrance, or come in the back entrance from the shopping mall, then go up the stairs or take the elevator, it is in the corner over looking the main road.

Special Events

Be sure to check them out during their Temporada Gastronomica when special plates are curated following international culinary themes. The next temporada is French cuisine and on March 29th, 2018 there will be a special event where the classics of Lyonne will be available for tasting on a special menu and price. Be sure to get your reservation early as this event is a MUST-DO in Pereira.


March is a special month when chef’s everywhere pay homage to French culinary tradition. Around the world thousands of chefs have come together to recognize this culinary tradition with special plates and tasting events to give food lovers a unique experience and try something new. The epicenter of their focus is Lyon, France, a place that is esteemed by publications like The Guardian, as the food capital of the world.

For the Temporada de Marzo, or March Season, locals and visitors to Pereira can enjoy special plates prepared by the chefs at Ebano Cocina de Autor. The headlining event will be held March 29th 2018.

Call ahead for prices and reservations: (6) 3113386


Hotel Movich has a long standing tradition in Pereira for providing some of the best in hospitality and service in the Coffee Axis. Visitors can expect more than a visit, but rather an experience that makes you feel special from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave. With a commitment to supporting local initiatives, and using local products when possible, they continue to raise the standard. Their restaurant Ebano is no exception to the rule. Enjoy!

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