A play on words, Kafe del Alma can be translated as Cafe of the Soul. It’s a dynamic space for live music, mojitos, gourmet coffee, fruit and tea infusions, and hot chocolate. Need we say more? Yes! Because your visit to Pereira wouldn’t be complete without a night of live music, and gourmet cocktails, with an outdoorsy vibe, in Pereira and Salento.

Kafe del Alma

Kafe del


The Music

One of the goals of Kafe del Alma, is to help buskers, or traveling musicians. People who fund their music through performance and wit. The result is a line-up of musicians, open-mic nights and a constant variety of talent and style.


In Salento especially, visitors can attend or participate in Open Mic Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon around 3 or 4 depending on turn-out. Many traveling musicians are having a crisis in Salento because the mayor decided to outlaw music in the street. To give them a space to perform, Kafe del Alma created the open mic events.

The best of these acts are invited to perform in Pereira, along with a steady line up of local and international DJ’s.


The Workshops

As part of their commitment to culture and education, the cafe – bar is now sponsoring workshops for personal growth. Previous workshops, called talleres, include drawing, origami, conversation – language exchange groups, and local cultural events. Upcoming events are announced weekly on their Facebook page. Be sure to give them your “like“! Future workshops includes conversation groups and music appreciation.


The Coffee

Try a cup of locally grown organic arabica coffee. De origen, a small pueblo named Alta Gracia, near to Pereira. The coffee is grown between 1,300 – 1,600 meters above sea level. It has a chocolate – caramel notes and a slightly sweet, yet earthy, flavor profile.


At Kafe del Alma, they have a special presentation for each coffee preparation type which will help you to experience coffee in a way which invokes all the senses. Choose from French Press, Slow Drip or Dripper, Chem-ex and Traditional Colombian preparation options. We tried the French Press preparation. If you want to receive an education on tasting coffee, start here.

The Cocktails

Kafe del Alma

The Best Mojito in Salento & Pereira! Picture taken at Salento location.

Featuring fresh fruit, natural ingredients and traditional recipes. All their cocktails are prepared with fresh local ingredients. Their alcohol is mid to high quality spirits.

Their special drink is the Mojito de Alma. Made with Ron Viejo de Caldas, a locally sourced dark rum which is made in nearby Manizales.

Experience the intense contrasts of fresh mint, a generous portion of ice, locally sourced lemons and Colombian sugar. They also offer classics like margaritas, gin & tonic and cuba libre. They only use mandarina lemons because they are native to this region.

– Chocolate – Hot Aromatic Tea – Traditional Colombian Drinks –

Fruit Infusions – Fruit Infused Lemonade –

Here are a few terms that will help you better understand:

  • Hervidos: “steeped” drinks which come from Narino & Pasto. Herbs and fruits are steeped together.
  • Canelazo: “big cinnamon” or drinks which are infused with cinnamon. This drink is native to Antioquia. Traditionally it was made with yellow fruits and yellow aguardiente.
  • Sirope: A traditional cold drink from Antioquia made with panela syrup. Cloves, cinnamon and lemon are added. It is an ancestral drink which was attributed to good health.


One of the unique features of Cafe del Alma, is their non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic drink options. Traditional Colombian hot chocolate is prepared using an organic cocoa from the jungles of the Pacific Region of Colombia. Discover their Campesino Panela where you can experience organic sugar cane – hot tea, with fresh farm cheese. Ask about their extensive fruit infused lemonade list, or one of their Aromatica, or hot fruit tea infusions.

Resultado de una investigación de bebidas tradicionales colombianas fusionadas con productos de agroecológicos y café en métodos de extracción de goteo. / The result of an investigation into the traditional drink fusions of Colombia, we use organic local coffee and specialty methods of drip extraction.

Kafe del Alma

The Food – Cocina Nuevo Mundo 

Finally, the kitchen of Kafe del Alma has opened! Better late than never, they feature a menu that is limited in options, but carefully planned. Visitors can choose from their own house hamburger, a shawarma wrap, salad or plantain bowls with meat. Ingredients are fresh and of mostly local origen. For a different dinner option, grab a few friends and take their menu for a spin!


Quality Commitment

One of the things which attracted us to Kafe del Alma, is their unique commitment to quality and local products. During our interview with the owner/manager Gustavo Zapata, he explained their mission:

Kafe de Alma es un resultado de un investigacion de bebidas tradicionales Colombianas. Trabajamos con ciertos mercados agroecologicas. Hay la tema de cacao que traemos de San Jose del Palmar en El Choco. Tenemos una panela organica muy rica de Caldas. Tenemos hoja de coca de mercados agroecologicas indigenas de valle cauca. Trabajo siempre en la economía local. Siempre apoyo local.” Kafe de Alma is the result of an investigation into the traditional drinks of Colombia. We work with local farmers markets. You have the cocoa from San Jose del Palmar in the Department of El Choco (Pacific Region). We have a very nice panela from the department of Caldas. We have coca leaf from indigenous farmers markets in Valley Cauca. I work always for the local economy. Always support local.

Salento location only.

Salento location on

Pereira | Carrera 12 bis # 15b-18 – near the footbridge between Circunvalar and Plaza Victoria.

Salento | Calle Real ~ 50 meters before the stairway to Mirador. Right hand side, look for large wood structure.

Be sure to follow Kafe de Alma on their Facebook pagefacebook.com/Kafe-del-Alma

Open Monday – Thursday 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM,

Friday 4:00 PM – 1:00 AM  Saturday 4:00 PM – 3:00 AM 


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