This article was inspired by our experiences working with strong Women Who Lead in Pereira, Colombia. We were so touched by the stories and accomplishments of these women that we decided to dedicate some time to telling their story, while collecting advice and wisdom that the next generation of girls can read and learn from.

This article shows the Spanish transcriptions and English translations, in order to make this information more accessible to local woman and girls. Este articulo tiene los entrevistas en espanol y ingles para que un mas gran porcentaje de nuestro audiencia pueden apreciar el informacion. Enjoy!

Life isn’t always easy, but with a bit of hard work and timely wisdom we can find the road to success even if it takes a while.

Women Who Lead in Pereira Colombia

I am thankful and blessed to have crossed paths with these women and for this article. They are all examples of what I know to be the strong and resourceful Colombian woman. We should count ourselves lucky if we ever have one of them for a friend or neighbor.

Below the Slideshares, you will find contact information. These are women who work hard. Many of them are single moms even. They have all overcome the odds to create their own version of success. Women like these are what good communities are made of. If you are fortunate to know any of these ladies, be sure to thank them for being role models for the young women of our city.

We asked all of our participants six questions, and here are their answers (English):

Y aquí te presento los respuestas en Español:

Work with these women:

Arabela Espectaculo

A dance company based on the dreams of a woman who wanted to dance, Arabela’s Espectaculo works to generate jobs and opportunities for marginalized residents. Hire them for your next event, party, wedding, anniversary or even a company picnic.


A beautiful and natural talent. Samara has the voice to back it up with. One of the headline acts at Hotel Movich, she has established herself as an artist who is dedicated to quality and professionalism. Hire her for your next event, party, wedding, anniversary or even a company picnic.


Today, more than ever before we lack good role models in our lives. Our hope is that this article is an inspiration to whoever needs that extra push, or even a light bulb moment – to find their path to success. If there is a woman in your life who can benefit from this positive message, then be sure to share, like and use it.

Both SlideShares are licensed for Creative Commons with Attribution – use in any way you want, but please be sure to include a link to this article!

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