In a world where achieving excellence is the standard, our local coffee is no exception. Time magazine recently declared that “Our commitment to farmers and sustainability begins to make us the 4th wave.” [1] in their recent 2018 Special Edition dedicated to our favorite cup of thunder beans. We are now combining the quality of the 3rd wave with the desire for sustainability in the 4th wave of the coffee industry evolution.

How to Buy Single Origin Local Coffee in Pereira


To properly explain how to buy high quality single origin coffee which was locally produced, we are going to start by telling you how NOT to buy coffee in Pereira:

  • Do NOT go to your local supermarket and start price-checking while assuming that nice packaging means it is really worth your time or money for the quality you will receive. Besides, why bother with those big corporate brands anyway?
  • Do NOT go to corporate coffee shops chains and assume that you are getting the “Best of the best.” Many of these chains have tendencies towards blends of high and low quality coffee to extend overall production while diluting the quality.

Now we can begin to tell you how to buy HIGH QUALITY single origin coffee in Pereira. Because, while you might have to include a few extra steps, you are going to go to bed at night knowing that you helped someone in your community pay their bills and send their kids to school. It’s as simple as that. Here are a few MUST-DO’s to help you on your way:

  • DO learn your preferred flavor profile by attending “catacion” or cupping workshops to learn more about what factors will affect the flavor, and how to find a coffee which suits your palate.
  • DO visit local independent coffee shops to meet new people, find new coffee types AND because you will find a more well curated experience >>
  • DO visit some of the local coffee farm tours to learn about how coffee is produced and who is producing it! For a tour we recommend, click here! >>
  • DO try the coffee brands we have carefully curated, added, and continue to add to this list for new flavor profiles. Variety is the spice of life!

Coffee Brands We Recommend

It can be hard to find time to go shopping for coffee brands, so we have taken the time to gather a few local brands which we felt our readers might like. Keep reading to learn how you can have Specialty Colombian Coffees Delivered to your doorstep…



#1 Cafe Avanti

A special word which translates as “Forward!”, Avanti encompasses all the hopes and dreams of Leo Platt, his wife Becky, and their five children. For the last four years they have been cultivating Caturra varieties, a labor of love which is slowly starting to pay off. Their latest coffee crop has recently earned a quality score of 87 points from coffee lab tests. Their secret? Hard work, sweat and dedication combined with a constant study and analysis of Specialty Colombian Coffee.

  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Altitude: 1,600 – 1,700 msnm
  • Origin: Pereira, Risaralda
  • Chocolate, caramel, vanilla and red fruits (frutos rojos).

Coming to Colombia from Canada, Leo says he caught the idea from his father whose dream had always been to have a coffee farm with orange trees and bananas. Today, he continues his father’s dream as a memorial to his sense of adventure. His father finally came to Colombia and visited the farm of his dreams two months prior to his passing. With a sense of purpose Leo, Becky and the children have created a “Little House in the Coffee Axis” sort of lifestyle. Their favorite part of living in Colombia? The fruit, the natural beauty, and the warm generosity of the people here.

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Phone/WhatsApp: +57 320 935 8448



#2 Cafe de Mi Esperanza

It’s easy to look at the coffee industry and imagine a fine plantation owner in his sombrero Aguadeño, carrying a fine carril bag, dabbing sweat off his forehead with a poncho as he sips lemonade on the porch. But the reality is that many cafe cultivators have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps from very humble origins. Cafe de mi Esperanza comes from a legacy which began with 15 siblings, poor origins and nothing more than hope.

The name, which translates as “Coffee of my Hope,” it is a fitting name for this specialty coffee which was cultivated and roasted at its origin – Quinchia, Risaralda, a township that has suffered more than most at the hands of the guerrilla combatants.

  • Medium Roast
  • Altitude: 1,650 meters above sea level
  • Cultivation Type: Traditional
  • Flavor notes: Floral, panela, sweet , limoncillo (lemon grass)

The patriarch of the family was a very progressive person for his time. He married for love in an era where most marriages were arranged for specific purposes. He was well liked because he often helped people of the community – even to his own detriment. One legend tells how during the worst part of the guerrilla violence, an order went out to kidnap him because he was seen as being successful and surely having a family who would pay dearly to get him back. He had helped so many people in the area, who together gave him warnings and random tips which helped him elude his would-be kidnappers.

Today his grandchildren have taken this hope and created a local brand of coffee that will help to sustain the next generation. In an effort to support the farm and other small family farms, they have created this brand to continue the tradition while also ensuring a good cup for others.

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 Call or WhatsApp: 300 775 9520            Instagram: @CafedeMiEsperanza


If you found this list helpful, or if you have a coffee brand which you think would benefit by being a part of this, please email us at to learn how you can participate!


[1] Mifsud, C. 2018 ‘New Waves of Progress‘ Special Time Edition (Coffee. The Culture. The Business. Your Health.) pp 35-39

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