We found “una buena taza,” or a good cup at Veredal Coffee and Food, with an experience that has been curated for your gastronomic enjoyment! Even though you are in the middle of the city, you will feel like you are out in the country, as you sip a cup of fresh brew specialty Colombian coffee.

Veredal Coffee and Food

Veredal Coffee and Food

The cafe – eatery – bar, is an effort by a brother – sister team, to bring their own feelings about coffee and creativity to the local scene via Fondo Emprender – a government program that helps start-ups like this one get off the ground through funding and workshops.

Los Alpes – Turn at Presto and go straight down to the bottom at the Guadua trees.

Facebook.com/veredalpereira/    Hours: Mon – Sat 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Contact: (036) 338 8081     Instagram: @Veredal_Pereira


We feel that our readers are going to love this local start-up which has already created a lot of chatter locally due to it’s open architecture, green spaces and food/drink curation.

Veredal Coffee and Food

Cristian, has the traveling spirit combined with a love for coffee which resulted in him living in Australia for two years where he worked as a barista. He recounts it as being a great experience which influenced him to come home and try to open a coffee shop inspired by his time spent abroad.

Natalia, by trade, is a Commercial Engineer, who wanted to use her creativity to create a place that, in her own words, “Generates peace, tranquility and harmony.” She helped to inspire plates of food that aren’t only delicious, but also pleasing to the eye.



Coffee runs in the family, with both an uncle who grows and a father who owns a well-known coffee brand, Cristian recounts how he had always wanted to do something with coffee. He had the good luck to encounter the perfect situation when he found the location. The final piece fell into place when he was awarded the funding he needed, by Fondo Emprender,  a local start-up funding initiative by local and regional government systems. Fondo Emprender funds people who can present a good enough business plan and show the willingness to follow through on them.

For all espresso preparations, you will find a Castillo variety from the family farm. For special coffee preparations, he has a supremo variety. For special preparations, visitors can choose from Aeropress, V60, French Press, Siphon or Chemex – along with a special presentation which guides visitors through the entire process using table-side preparation and tasting note guides.



It should be noted that they have a really fun and diverse drink menu which features some special options like “Flavored Soda’s” and “Smoothies.” Are you a vegan? No problem! Almond milk replacement is available with all milk-related recipes.

Some of our favorite drinks include the following

  • Juice – Our favorite, the Veredal, comes with ginger, celery, cucumber, pineapple and lemon.
  • Chai – Called Chamba chai, it is a special house recipe and served fresh.
  • Sangria – Wine made scrumptious by fresh fruit, a good portion size and a classy glass.
  • Aromatic Infusions – Also quite popular, you can go herbal or fruity.

Whether you are craving hot chocolate, tea or a fruit juice to get you moving, we feel like Veredal really went that extra mile to be more than just a coffee shop, but also a delicious eatery too!



Especially since Veredal Coffee and Food is an afternoon type of coffee shop, then you are going to enjoy their gastronomic approach. They have a few basic categories and some favorite plates that we feel our readers are going to like.

Plates for Sharing

Featuring fun options like cheese and cured meats, tapas, and Nachos, one of the most popular food options. Did we mention that this is a great low-volume environment for meeting up with friends, neighbors and family?


For people who love artisan style pizza with an adventurous palate, we recommend the pizza menu. Choose from cured meats, fresh veggies or our favorite the Pizza Violeta which features turkey bacon, bacon bacon, carmelized onions, broccoli sprouts, and a sweet touch of agave syrup.

Sandwiches and Wraps

With several options to choose from, and an artisan bread bakery across the street – prepare to eat something delicious. Each sandwich has been carefully prepared using ingredients like cured meats, yet also has some delicious vegetarian alternatives.


With one of the most savory salad options in Pereira, prepare to feast your eyes on bright colors, curated flavors and extra touches like goat feta and special dressing options. Keep that diet on point without losing the deliciousness!



Veredal Coffee and Food, is a first world option with the values and commitment that makes this local small business a great option for visitors and residents. Located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Pereira, their food and drinks are delicious, yet reasonably priced. They have great spaces for romantic evenings, business meetings and groups of friends who want a well-lit environment with low background noise and congestion.

It’s important to note that when you support small businesses like this one, you are helping to support the local economy and the local families who inject that money back into other local businesses. It creates a perpetual positive influx which we all depend on for our own livelihood. The team at Pereira City Guide is committed to helping and supporting a strong, local economy based on mutual cooperation and inclusion.



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