The 2nd Edition Pereira City Guide is HERE, Where We Bring You The Best Information About Pereira!

Update: As soon as the 2nd edition is up on Amazon we will notify you and add the proper links into this post. The 2nd Edition Pereira City Guide is now live! Click on any of the links we have generously interspersed throughout this article to pick up your own copy and you will have our eternal thanks!

This is the eBook we intended to bring you originally. Needless to say, it has been a learning process. And, like every new business we made some promises and we made some mistakes. What matters is that in the end we deliver on our promises.

We are now going to talk about those promises, and those mistakes. By the time you finish reading this article you will understand the importance of this product to the tourism industry of Pereira and surrounding areas, PLUS you will see that it is much more than a simple eBook.

We bring you a souvenir of high quality photos, short easy-to-read information blocks, and a few hand-picked locally owned businesses that we feel will help to make your vacation everything you desire!

The 2nd Edition Pereira City Guide

Pereira is a modern city surrounded by tremendously beautiful nature areas.

It is often explained to others as a “smaller version of Medellin.”

We have the best infrastructure and the lowest cost of living.

Why didn’t Pereira have a well-written guide in English to help outsiders discover the city we fell in love with? And, this is where the inspiration for Pereira City Guide started. This is where we stepped outside our “safety zone” and invested everything into a project that is going to help revolutionize the local tourism industry by creating a body of information, readily available online.

Then we took it a step further. A visitor might not have WiFi or service everywhere they go. So we created an eBook that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, for need-to-know information at YOUR fingertips!

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We also made some promises…

Our Promises and Our Mistakes

We made some promises to our readers and our project participants.

  1. To publish on or prior to July 1st, 2016.
  2. To create a highly visual but brief eBook that will convey a LOT of information in a small, easy-to-get-to format.
  3. To publish on Amazon, iBooks and eventually other platforms for ALL electronic devices.

We did manage to publish July 1st on It was close, there were unforeseen issues that caused us to cut it terribly close for getting the document uploaded for review within the window of time needed prior to launch. And we overcame them.

The eBook was graphically designed by a professional designer in Europe. It took several weeks for the designer to finish even though the book itself was only 44 pages originally. The final product features blocks and swatches of safety information, history about the city and even a few fun Spanish phrases. This information is interspersed with high quality pictures of popular sites, buildings and monuments in Pereira. The overall design is adventurous and modern.

We DID publish on Amazon as promised, but we held off on publishing to other platforms due to our mistakes:

  • Failure of the document to automatically resize to fit other devices. Users were able to zoom in but the document didn’t auto-adjust to suit other devices.
  • We discovered a couple glaring mistakes, missing information and some typo’s that called into question our integrity, especially with the project participant graphics.

Upon realizing these things, we knew that no matter what it takes, or profits we lose, we had to fix this. The entire month of July was spent on edits and re-edits. August was the re-design process where we worked with the graphic designer to update the changes and additional information into the new version. End of August, beginning of September was spent finding and employing a eBook conversion specialist to go in and carefully convert everything from PDF to .ePub for Amazon and other platforms.

We Now Bring You an Even BETTER Product!

Coffee Region

The best part of this release, is that we get to bring you a product that is 100% quality guaranteed and with even more information.

Additional Information & Touch-ups

  • NEW additions to the Attractions section.
  • NEW addition of weather and climate information.
  • BONUS tips and info for Colombian visas.
  • Cover re-design
  • Contact information for calling taxi’s
  • Website for Megabus routes.
  • Website for regional bus routes and departure times.

The best part of creating the 2nd Edition Pereira City Guide was being able to make it BETTER than before.

We truly hope that our readers and followers will pick up a copy today! Come visit us, and later go home and show it to your friends and family. This is more than a simple guide-book. It’s an easy to read paragraph and photo collage of information.

The 2nd Edition Pereira City Guide is a souvenir that showcases The City Without Doors. Featured in full-color, high quality images and design. 

Don’t delay! Pick up your own copy by clicking HERE!


This is a project of passion and love for a place that we call home. Whether you are here on a vacation, or you are fortunate enough to call Pereira home, this guide is for you! With restaurants, hotels, transport and attractions you have all the basic needs covered.

We even added a section on Medical Tourism. Save money on expensive procedures. How nice would it be to take a vacation with the family AND catch up on all that expensive dental? Even BETTER, you are probably going to pay LESS for the cost of your TOTAL vacation than you would on a few basic procedures in the United States.

Point is, Pereira City Guide is a pool of information that you have (in ENGLISH!) no matter where you go. All you have to do is purchase via Kindle, Kobo, Scribd or even Nook, and download to your device (s). No more internet cafe’s and shaky communications to find good restaurants, attractions and lodging options! We have it all in one place for your convenience!

Please, feel free to contact us with places, attractions, ideas and recommendations or stories that you feel Pereira City Guide needs to tell!  We are here connecting people with places, ideas, fun and a more relaxed lifestyle abroad.  Bringing you good content, up-to-date information, and places we want you to know about!  Email us at subject “Pereira City Guide” or “PCG”.

2nd Edition Pereira City Guide

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