For the rustic enjoyment of a horseback ride, fishing or a hike in the mountains, Marcelandia has a little bit of everything. Santa Rosa de Cabal Tourism is a picturesque small-town paradise of rural amusements, fresh “tipico” food, freshly brewed Colombian coffee and cool rainy nights.


Santa Rosa de Cabal Tourism

The pueblo of hot springs, artisans and coffee, Santa Rosa de Cabal is a short 30-minute bus ride from Pereira, Colombia. With a population of about 60,000 it is a small town with mountain scenery. The weather is a cool spring-like climate and rural adventures.

Fun Fact: Santa Rosa de Cabal has made it into the Guiness Book of Records as the longest Chorizo ever made, and the most cups of coffee served in one day with over 17,000 cups served!

When you plan your visit to Marcelandia, you can break it up into a few “Must-Do” activities. 

  1. Spend time out at Marcelandia enjoying the two activities we are going to share with you below.
  2. Visit the pueblo to experience specialty coffee shops, local food and artisan shops.
  3. Plan a visit to the hot springs, either San Vicente (health and wellness) or Santa Rosa (family & recreation).


Situated only 10 minutes by car or bus from Santa Rosa de Cabal Tourism, Marcelandia offers a wide range of traditional amusements typical of the region, including fishing, horseback riding and hiking. Bring your camera and prepare to breathe fresh air, get active and disconnect from the city life.



This farm has more than 50 years of tradition. Four years ago, it was purchased by a family from Pereira which had always loved to visit Santa Rosa de Cabal. They have spent time renovating the houses and continue to play a key role in ensuring that visitors receive great customer service and a familiar atmosphere where all are welcome.


Featuring two houses with themed rooms and a travel trailer, families can bunk down together, couples can enjoy a honeymoon, and even solo travelers can come relax in their own private paradise.

Lodging capacity can bed down up to 60 people in rooms which have options for 2-6 people in large double beds or bunk beds. Prepare to enjoy positive messages, soothing colors and well-curated decor style. This is the type of place where outter appearances can be deceiving but the real treasure is what is on the inside – as it should be!


Future expansion plans include exterior remodeling and a swimming pool (not currently available). Be sure to check back frequently for updates and pictures.

Tip: be sure to pack a rain poncho and jacket. The weather often rotates between warm and sunny, or wet and chilly. Plan for nice spring-like days and cool nights.


Fishing and horseback riding are the principal amusements of this touristic farm. Guests can also experience early morning birdwatching. Visitors will enjoy hiking and afternoon sunsets with incredible views of the surrounding mountains. Be sure to try some of the wild blackberries and raspberries along the way.

Note: There is a berry that looks like a blackberry, but when you pick it, it falls apart in your hand – this berry is NOT edible.


Later, you will enjoy a lazy afternoon fishing with a cane pole for Mojarra, Cachama or Trout. Sit on the shore of a pond under the shade little roof. Plenty of pond-side tables are available where you can sip a beer (or juice), and nibble on some delicious “tipico” food served by the on-site restaurant.

Note: Fishing gear is available for rent, or you can bring your own!

Horseback Riding

Pay attention horse lovers! This destination is for you. At Marcelandia, you can rent a horse depending on your level of skill. Ride up the mountain and observe breathtaking views of Santa Rosa de Cabal. Capture great selfies with the surrounding mountains. You can opt for 30 minutes to an hour of horse rental. Cost varies based on time spent.

Tip: To help prevent slips and falls of the horse and rider, make sure you lean forward when riding uphill and lean back when riding downhill. If you feel like you are losing control of your animal, pull their head around to one side so they cannot bolt or buck.


Tipico Food

For the best chorizo in Colombia, Santa Rosa de Cabal Tourism takes the cake! Marcelandia is no exception. They have a menu which gives you all the basic options, and more.

The Frijolandia is their signature plate. It comes with chorizo, chicharron, sweet patacon, a big bowl of beans, avocado and rice. Be sure to bring your appetite, or opt to share with a friend.


You can also enjoy one of their fish plates. They feature fish which was farmed on-site, or which you maybe caught yourself in the on-site fishing pond.

Breakfast options are available for guests which come in small, medium and large options. Prepare to whet your travel appetite.

Pet Friendly

Your fine furry friends are welcome here too! Try to always pick up after them when possible. Ensure that aggressive or unfriendly animals are kept on a leash as needed. At this time pet food and snacks are not available, be sure to bring your own if you plan to stay the night.

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