We are going to show you how to shop for high quality custom clothing by local designers. Discover Fashion and Style in Pereira. Learn how you can dress well for a reasonable cost and return home looking like you were vacationing in Paris or Milan. You will arrive with clothes which are fitted especially to you and your unique personality!

Fashion and Style in Pereira


Design: Andre Pwater Photo: Erin Donaldson

Eje Moda

One of the biggest events of the year both socially and for local industry, Eje Moda is the biggest fashion exhibition of the year in the Coffee Axis. In May 2018, we saw many new trends emerging, yet a firm continuity with traditional styles as well. Fashion and Style in Pereira has it’s own unique flair and flavor to share!

Trends We Liked

  • Ruffles galore! If you have always liked the fun and playful look of ruffles, then Coffee Axis fashion is for you! We saw plenty of this across several brands in everything ranging from swimwear and casual clothing, to even executive wear and evening or formal wear. Men get to play around with this a bit too!
  • Capes, Kimono’s and Wraps are definitely cool to wear. In fact, this trend isn’t really all that new as we have been seeing light but long wraps, coats and over shirts which fall long behind and shorter in front.
  • Uneveness. Coffee Axis fashion is breaking up the traditional straight lines with uneven accents, hemlines and a few daring rule-breakers which move the eye around more and really make the outfit pop.
  • Linen. Especially with the executive wear brands like Gino Pascalli, they always go back to basics – linen and cotton. Which is great for the warm temperatures with high humidity. The emphasis of everything, is bright colors and breathable, yet clean looking.
  • Printed/stamped fabrics. Several brands even had birds included in the overall design – a small hat tip to the local diversity of our fine feathered friends.

Click Here, for more information: facebook.com/ejemoda.camado/

Fashion and Style in Pereira

Collection: Historia del Turbantes Design: Lady Garcia Zuñiga Photo: Erin Donaldson

Moda Social Incluyente (Inclusive Social Fashion)

One of the biggest traps we fall into in life, is thinking that we aren’t good enough. That we don’t have any opportunities in life, or maybe that we don’t even deserve them.  The raw truth is that there ARE opportunities and we all deserve a chance. And, Moda Social Incluyente (MSI), or Inclusive Social Fashion is all about breaking down those walls and giving new opportunities to people who are willing to work for them.

A little over five years ago, in the vereda of Pereira known as “La Florida” a local community was seeing a marked increase of young girls using drugs, teen pregnancy and overall delinquency. Having grown up in this area, Lady Garcia, the founder of MSI, wanted to make a difference and offer these young women something that normally can be quite exclusive, the Colombian fashion industry.

Having been a model for many years, Lady knew how exclusive this world could be. By creating Moda Social Incluyente, she sought to give young women a wider range of options that included basic education, behavioral therapy/counseling and learning how to model or design clothing.

Since 2014, this organization has helped many women and girls to make a new start for themselves in a world that is normally very difficult and limited in opportunities. In 2018, they are also helping victims of the conflict, both men and women – to find new opportunities.

More Infofacebook.com/modasociali/

Women’s Clothing

In the coffee regions of Colombia, there is a sense of purpose, enjoyment and love of life in the local populations. The clothes they wear reflect their innate happiness and resilience.

Women in the coffee regions are known as being some of the most beautiful and well-dressed in Colombia. They are closely followed by the more sedate and international flavor of Bogota business women. Colors abound here and the materials are light, loose and sexy.

Fashion in Pereira

Collection: Eclectic Designer: Pragatta Photo: Erin Donaldson


It’s a brand that likes to find “something different.” The idea is to create an equilibrium between sensuality and elegance. They want clothing that looks good without losing comfort and elegance. She should feel feminine without losing style. For a different look, they feature split skirts, skirts with playful ruffles and irregular hemlines.

Their goal is to create outfits which feature quality, cost effectiveness and style. They focus on paying their employees fair wages and giving them pleasant work environments where they feel happy. Pragatta is everything that a sustainable local business should be, while still finding ways to provide quality and customer service.

Follow them facebook.com/Pragatta/   or Call/Whatsapp: 310 392 8794 | 311 628 9414 to schedule a personalized consultation today!!

Fashion and Style in Pereira

Collection: Mujer Azucarada Design: #Ago by Alexander Gonzalez Photo: Erin Donaldson

#Ago by Alexander Gonzalez

A visual artist turned designer, Alexander has an artistic eye for fashion and design. During a special project for his visual arts study at UTP, he became fascinated by the possibilities. He especially loved the textures and color potential of fabric designs.

He explained to us how he tries to connect with each client and understand the lifestyle and interests of that person. He then combines the idea of the client with his own inspiration, the Baroque and Rococo fashions of previous eras. The result, simple designs, with small details which catch the eye and project the personality of the client in an elegant way.

Follow themfacebook.com/agobyalexandergonzalez/    or Call/Whatsapp: 316 530 6710 to schedule a personalized consultation today!!


Design: Angela Arias Photo: Erin Donaldson

Angela Arias Shoes

Our choice of footwear says so much about our personal preference and even who we are as a person. For Angela Arias, she was always very crazy and passionate about shoes as a consumer, and now as a shoe designer it has endured. When a shoe-making class was offered at SENA, a local technical college, she couldn’t resist.

Five years later, Angela Arias is a brand to pay attention to because it is evident that she has a great talent and a special style which adds something special to her creations. The best part? You can have your shoes custom-made to fit YOUR foot. Did we mention that she now offers a special line for men too? Ask about 717 by Angela Arias, fine shoes for men.

More Infofacebook.com/angelaariasshoes/       Or, Call/Whatsapp: 321 799 2839 to schedule a personalized consultation today!


Men’s Wear

Fashion and Style in PereiraCoffee Axis style and fashion isn’t only limited to beautiful women either. Here, it is not uncommon for the men to dress well in colors and fresh styles which reflect the cheerful attitudes of the locals, and our warm climate.

The David Guerra collection features casual mens wear for everyday or weekend activities. You will find fresh and bright contrasts with a very edgy look that doesn’t go too far in any one direction.

More Info: facebook.com/David-Guerra-Tienda/

How to Buy Custom Designed Clothing

Here are a few rules and guidelines which will help ensure you have a nice experience buying custom clothing.

#1 | Communication

If you have a doubt, say it. Especially when fitting new designs to your body, make sure you say when something isn’t comfortable or doesn’t look right. A good designer will want to match their style to your personality with quality and a good fit.

#2 | Follow on Facebook

If you feel like you would mesh with the look of a designer you like, reach out to them via their Facebook pages. In Colombia especially, Facebook is a big commercial trade center that is only going to continue to expand. Take advantage of it to reach out to a designer you like, follow their work, and contact them for your own personal designs.

#3 | Be a Loyal Client

Remember, mistakes can and will happen, but if you take the time to develop a relationship with your designer they will learn to adapt to your style and preferences over time. How nice is it to be able to make a phone call, talk about your feelings and ideas, then create great clothes together, which fit you in all the right places?!

Support Local Fashion

When you buy from local fashion designers you are supporting local families, local talent and local businesses who are depending on you! Pereira is a huge mecca for fashion and design, but no one knew! Until now. Put your best foot forward with clothes that look great and fit you well in all the right places.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment with professionals who can help make you high quality, stylish clothes for the same cost as what you would spend on those same clothes at a shopping mall. Oh! And they probably won’t have your size either!


Collection: Madera Exclusive Design: Juliana Jaramillo Photo: Erin Donaldson

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