One of the many nicknames for Pereira, is “La Querendona, Transnochadora, y Morena.”  This one is particularly favored by many of the residents. It has layers of meanings. And, it can be told from many different perspectives depending on who you talk to.


Querendona, Transnochadora y Morena

Querendona: In Spanish, in Colombia, it is not unusual to hear a woman say to a friend “Te Quiero Mucho.”  This could translate as “love ya lots my dear friend.”  It’s a form of expression which is commonly used in Pereira.  The term is particularly common in Pereira, as the majority of its inhabitants self-identify as “Paisa,” which is a very warm, welcoming and friendly sub-culture here in Colombia.  The successful founding of Pereira was by Liberal refugees, according to some sources.  Thus, newcomers in Pereira are warmly welcomed and invited into The City Without Doors.

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Transnochadora: This term can be taken in a couple different ways.  There is, and according to some of the locals, has always been, a bit of a night life in Pereira.  Of course, many connect the night-life with the well-known Avenida Circuvalar where everything has a very Americanized, almost California look and feel to it.  There are many nice restaurants, nightclubs, a shopping mall and cafes, including the iconic Juan Valdez cafe.  However, in some of the older neighborhoods of el centro (or downtown Pereira), there is still a very old and well-known Colombian bar tradition.  In fact, located just a block from the Lake Plaza is the oldest bar in Pereira, el Gran Cafe, which dates back over 100 years and still operating!  Near to the Parque Liberdad, or Liberty Park, are dozens of billard halls and taverns where the men of Pereira carry on the Colombian “saloon” tradition of men-only bars and billiard halls.  Only women of the night traditionally are found in these places.  Be sure to ask around about which ones are appropriate for women before attempting to visit one of these places.

Morena: What color is the Colombian Woman?  Is she black? White? Mestizo? Mulatto? Morena?  The truth is, she is all of these and more.  La morena is the voluptuous dark-featured coffee colored woman who is quite common throughout Colombia.  That is not to say she isn’t special, she is our mother, our grandmother, our sister-in-laws or our best friends.  In some of the older songs and folklore of Colombia they talk about “La Morena”, and “La Mona”, and “La Negrita.”  Despite controversy, we here at Pereira City Guide believe that all women in Colombia are beautiful, but none as beautiful as the woman of Pereira.  Here our skin is tanned, our colors are bright and our fashion is sexy.  “Morena” isn’t really any one woman, or even color.  It is all women, all colors and all the beautiful sun-tans of Pereira.

La Querendona, Transnochadora y Morena

Visitors to Pereira all agree, that below the surface there is a depth, a feeling and a yet-untapped energy. It is the welcoming attitudes of the many inhabitants. The love for parties and going out all night. A woman who is ripe, voluptuous and sun-burned. These are all themes which many outsiders may or may not understand. They are generations old traditions kept alive by the Paisa culture. Welcome to La Ciudad Sin Puertas!


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