A good bar is worth its weight in gold, and alcohol. Whether you like to mingle in the street, or look down on your fellow citizens from lofty heights, we are going to show you the 10 Unique Bars in Pereira That Will Get You Drunk! 

10 Unique Bars in Pereira

10 Unique Bars in Pereira

The Tipsy Bird Bar – Pereira

Disclaimer: If you are reading this, and you are of the proper drinking age in Colombia, then be responsible. Pereira City Guide isn’t saying that we should all go out and get “properly tossed.” However, if that is your preferred sport of choice, then who are we to stop you from your midnight vices?  But please, be responsible. No drinking and driving. No drinking with minors. Ok, lets move on! End Disclaimer.

Let’s explore the 10 Unique Bars of The City Without Doors! Grab your shot-glass!

Here it is, the list, a few pictures and our one and only field correspondent, on the scene, bringing you the Most Complete English Travel Guide in Pereira.

These are the 10 Unique Bars in Pereira that will get you drunk! 

The Tipsy Bird

Carrera 15 #15-71 (Av. Circunvalar) –  The Tipsy Bird at Hotel Movich Pereira feels more like an upscale bar you will find in NYC or San Francisco. They feature live music almost every Friday, and you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this upscale nightclub bar and Pereira hotspot. The overall theme is based on Asian garden lore with plant accents, metal, wood and a blend of spaces to suit every mood.


One of the things which stood out to us as really and truly “unique,” is the overall curation and quality of their cocktails. Each cocktail is named after a famous Asian garden and has a special description which includes exotic ingredients and top shelf liquor. Another specialty of the house is their gin and tonic selection. Our favorite is the Pozas de Xililla which features a refreshing blend of mint, Soho lychee, tequila, and fresh pineapple juice.

Be sure to ask about their menu “Para Picar” where you can find local finger foods to share and enjoy! All freshly made on-site.  Seating is comfortable and appropriate for large or small groups. Call ahead for special event reservations. #TipsyBirdBarPereira #HoyEsNocheTipsyBird

Call for more information +57  (036) 311 3386        facebook.com/pages/The-Tipsy-Bird-Bar/     (Unofficial) facebook.com/Movich-Hotels/

La Escondida

Calle 4 #16-35 (Sector Av. Circunvalar @ Kolibri Hostal Pereira) There’s a unique and hidden bar in Pereira which offers guests a space that is perfect for meeting with friends, holding a party or coming and making new friends. Especially, if you like to mingle with an international crowds, then this a great option.

10 Unique Bars

To get there, ask for the “entrada de via Mirador” and go down half a block from Av. Circunvalar. On the left hand side is the hostel. The whole front area is a bamboo framed restaurant and bar that caters to international tastes and flavors. Featuring their own special form of Dutch-Fusion dinner foods, visitors can order tostadas, or toasts, sandwiches and even hamburgers replete with a special house sauce.


This is a great place to also mingle with both local and international visitors. On Wednesdays visitors can participate in yoga and Thursdays can participate in English/Spanish language exchange activities such as “Verbal” Jenga. Choose from a selection of beer and cocktails which feature some of the cheapest prices in the area.


El Gran Cafe

Carrera. 7 #21-53 – El Centro Open Monday – Friday 12pm to 3 am. The oldest operating bar in Periera, this establishment has been in operation by the same family for over 100 years.  It is housed in an antique house which gives many different options and environments. Did you hear something?

According to the manager Freddy, there is even an on-site ghost. Which will occasionally manifest as a customer calling for a waiter, the waiter will arrive and nobody is there.

Lights have been known to flash on and off, coolers shut off and a disconnected doorbell occasionally even gives a friendly ring. Come here to drink with Casper, the friendly manifestation…of something that has been here a long time.


They boast a restaurant, cafe and nightclub which also specializes in events. Host birthday parties, wedding receptions or team building.

The house special is a frozen mixed drink called “Granizado Gran Cafe“: Coffee, Milo, powdered milk, amaretto, coffee liqueur or cream of whisky.  Try it out on your next visit!


El Rincon Clasico

5 Unique Bars in PereiraCarrera 2 bis Esquina 22 – El Centro The most famous bar in Pereira, it was originally opened in 1954 as a “granero” or general store and later converted to a bar in 1970.  The moment you set foot in this place you will feel irresistably charmed by the way this place is “stuck-in-time.” Truly, it is a piece of living history.

If you drop in for a visit you can say hello to Olmedo Ospina Aguirre, who still runs the business 64 years later after opening it as a young man of 20.  For many years this unassuming, even slightly decrepit establishment has been a meeting place for mayors, senators and even well-known businessman of Pereira.

5 Unique Bars in Pereira

Do not bother the man behind the curtain. ~ The Wizard of Oz

We really hope the hipsters don’t come flocking here for the 1,300 vinyl records and the 1,500 cassettes which are still in use. Olmedo is using original stereo equipment that was brand-new in the early 70’s when he converted it from a granero to a neighborhood beer-bar.  Only the traditional Colombian beer brands are available to whet your whistle.

Sky Lounge – Hotel Soratama

Carrera 7, Plaza Bolivar @ Hotel Soratama We love and adore their location on the top floor of the Bolivar Plaza hotel with a view of the main plaza and the central business sector of the city. We don’t love the fact that it’s a corporately owned hotel. But it would be a crime to not mention this place, because it is a nice spot to hang out and drink.

Their ambiance is quiet elegance. They have excellent wait staff which are attentive and efficient.  Key staff members speak English, if a bit broken.  There’s usually at least 1 bartender available which speaks English as well.

Sky Lounge - Partido Futbol

Look at that guy….he’s loving it!

On the other hand, they are hands-down, the best place in town to catch a soccer game or even view the Olympics in August 2016 with your family.  They rarely charge cover at the door, and again, their customer service is first-rate.  With spectacular views, a very modern-chic ambiance and great sangria. You won’t regret coming here to toss back a few and watch some big-screen or catch nice views of the city.


Bablionia Cafe

Carrera 7 con Calle 21, halfway down the block.  A very classic 80’s ambiance with a fun retro vibe greet newcomers to the bar with the Biggest Beer Collection in Pereira, coming in at 82 beers offered (exceptions being delays on import shipments, strikes, the weather and no-see-ums).

Bablionia Cafe Pereira

Such a lifelike mannequin!

DSC04628Whereas El Gran Cafe is the oldest bar in continuous operation, at this cafe-bar, the house is completely original and virtually unchanged since its construction in 1892.  Keep in mind Pereira was founded in 1863.  Think about that!
Here you can enjoy a special house coffee which was grown in the nearby pueblo of Santuario, Risaralda.  With an on-site barista/bartender your drinking needs will be cared for with an ageless quality that matches the interior decor. Their house cocktail the “1892” (mil ochocientos noventa dos, in Spanish to help you order it easier), is nice.


Parnaso Bar

Carerra 6 #23-35, el Centro
. Fancy a late-afternoon coffee or an early beer? This bar opens at 4:00 pm making it a great stop for happy hour in el Centro. And, don’t let the gloomy entrance put you off. Don’t stop walking until you pass the kitchen, bathrooms, go up the stairs, and arrive on the back patio. Because, it’s really nice!

Their pizzas aren’t super-gourmet masterpieces like La Trattoria, or nice pan-crusted goodness like Da Giorgio, but they are the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer in the late afternoon. We tried and enjoyed, their “Marinero” pizza which features shrimp, seafood and a white sauce. It was creamy and fishy in all the right places, cheesy and melty in between.


Tip: the back patio has mango trees overhanging the tables. Try to pick one with a good umbrella, or you might receive an unexpected punch from a small-ish fist-sized mango.


Kafe de Alma

For all things music and mojito, this is the best place to be! Actually, we can’t say they only have mojitos, or that they only have bar drinks. Because, they actually have a whole section of alcohol-free drinks with options like organic hot chocolate, aromatic fruit infusions, gourmet coffee and smoothies. And, they are good sizes, and well-made.


Almost every Friday, they feature either live music, DJ’s, visiting bands from other regions, or even over-the-road buskers with talent. For live music in Pereira, you can’t get much better than this because there is so much variety. Sometimes they will even include fun “talleres” or workshops and presentations on fun topics like origami or poetry.

Kafe del Alma

Picture taken at Salento location. The same mojito is available in both locations! And, its fresh, cool and well-made.

For up-and-coming bars in Pereira, we are keeping our eyes on Kafe del Alma because they are pushing innovation, creativity and live acoustic and/or electronic music. They have shown a lot of diversity, and we expect great things to come in the future!


The Best Mojito in Salento & Pereira! Picture taken at Salento location.

Hotel Uno Gastro Pub

dsc06121Carrera 9 #16-24 If you are a die-hard, 100% into-it electronic music lover, then let us show you your new paradise. Featuring local DJs, national favorites and even International DJ’s from Europe, the US and beyond…this is the place to be. Originally planned as a hotel/hostel once ongoing renovations are finished, they only open on the weekends to receive the general public for their all night parties.

One of the benefits to this place is that there’s always someone on staff who speaks English. The drink options are simple but classic: Gin & Tonic, Whisky Sour, Whisky & Coke, etc… But, Daniel (the bearded bartender) is a professional and will take good care of you. Also be sure to try their gourmet hamburgers. Each item on the menu is well-made and feature rotating special plates to keep the flavors fresh!

10 Unique Bars in Pereira

Secret: Follow Finca Apopori & Hotel Uno Gastro Pub for “special” parties. These events are usually held outside the city limits at a farm, may include pool parties, all-night electronic music festivals and small “only-for-those-who-know” parties.


Armada 62

Calle 28 # 6-52. The most off-beat bar in Pereira. This place is kinda weird, in a trippy artsy sort of way. Heavily decorated by local graffiti artists you will be surrounded by a kalidescope of colors that will set the mood for the funky music being DJ’d. It has this vibe which we think you will like.


The offering is fairly standard for beer, aguardiente and rum. The bar is divided up into rooms where groups can hang DSC07921out and visit in their own private space. Or, join everyone else in the main room where the DJ is keeping it groovy and the walls are splashed in local art.

If you’re looking for a place a bit off the beaten path that draws artists, musicians and really all types of people. Then Armada 62 might be your next chill spot. They even have a small back courtyard for smokers. In fact, this place is actually a bit of a local secret so don’t trust the address on Facebook, its not correct. Whether on accident, or by intention…we can only speculate.



El Pavo: is an interesting place… It is a very classic bar in Pereira that has been open for a very long time, and exempt from the typical rules. For example, a “cantina” is a bar where MEN go to drink. You will recognize it by loud music, men and billiards tables etc. It’s a weird scene. El Pavo bar, has always been a meeting place where ANYONE can go and have a few beers, without damaging their reputation.

This bar is popular with college students, local businessman, and every type of person that you can find in the city. Literally it is a scene that is very calm, it is not a place where violence is known to happen. And, the beer is very very cheap. Pictures to come one day soon!


The Party Scene in Pereira

Finca Apopori

Entre Los Arboles 2016 – Finca Apopori

We doubt you will be disappointed.  Aside from these 10 Unique Bars in Pereira there is a tidbit of something for everyone.  From bars to nightclubs or Discoteca’s, as they are called in Colombia, we have it all.  And, we also realize that there are probably some really cool places that we haven’t heard of yet.

Feel free to contact us with places, attractions, ideas and recommendations or stories that you feel Pereira City Guide needs to tell!  We are here connecting people with places, ideas, fun and a more relaxed lifestyle abroad.  Bringing you good content, up-to-date information, and places we want you to know about!  PereiraCityGuide@gmail.com

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