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On the surface it is a blog about travel. Below the surface is a free-thinker who is searching out the ideas and answers to being an Open Minded Traveler. Contact us for up-to-date travel information, freelance content writing, copywriting and expat information.

My Mission

To help tell the story of Colombia to the travel world, especially Pereira. To always strive to apply a human element to my topics by providing first hand comments from real people, and research analysis to discover the relevant cultural elements. Most importantly, I promise to always approach every new idea or concept with an open minded willingness to learn and experience the adventure in an intelligent way. I am not a journalist, just a free-thinking blog/content writer extraordinaire! Quality & Customer Service guaranteed!


Travel Itineraries: I will help you create a custom-tailored experience according to your needs and budget, for a small fee.

Language Services: I will interpret for you as needed during your vacation on an hourly basis. Don’t go into an important meeting with google translate notes, we will help you navigate the cultural quirks while ensuring clear and careful communication.

Writing Services: I will ghost-write your eBook, blog content or website copy. Email me now to receive a free quote.

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