Don Manolo’s Cafe Especial: Coffee Farm Attraction

Vereda el Estanquillo Dosquebradas | Ruta al alto del nudo

Take a peek inside the world of coffee cultivation and experience the cultural coffee landscape of Colombia first hand! With a tour that is small, dedicated and customizable, this is a place for you to learn and explore everything you ever wanted to know about coffee.

Our Coffee Farm

In the words of Don Manolo himself:
“El cafe es recuerdos, Coffee is memories

el Cafe es amor, Coffee is love

el Cafe es amistad, Coffee is Friendship

el Cafe es interactuar, Coffee is interaction

el Cafe es social, Coffee is social

y Mucho otros concepts que difrutamos quando tomamos una taza de cafe.” and many other concepts that we enjoy when we drink a cup of coffee.

At this unique coffee farm you will discover the essence of this philosophy.

Tour Information

Duration is 2-3 hours depending on group size and intensity. Cost is 30,000 pesos per person. Ask about specialized tours for birdwatching and a butterfly garden. You MUST call ahead for reservations at least 24-48 hours. Call: 313-655-0196 or 318-788-0930


First, try to negotiate the taxi ride. The typical cost to arrive there is 10,000 pesos. Next, ask for “Vereda el Estanquillo Dosquebradas” and to specify further, “Ruta al alto del nudo.” You will see a sign on the side of the road that says Don Manolo’s. Turn in there and you have arrived.

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