Cacao Puro del Chocó

100% Cacao Puro de Origen

  • 100% Pure Cocoa

Cultivated in a rainforest climate, Cacao Puro del Chocó is a premium all-natural cocoa product which comes ready to prepare. Call for more information and current pricing.

Protecting Healthy Eco-Systems

All of our cocoa products come from 100% pure cocoa cultivated in one of the most delicate rainforest eco-systems in Colombia.

Our cocoa is grown on the family farm in the small pueblo of San Jose del Palmar in an obscure corner of a region in Colombia which has suffered the brunt of the civil war.

As a result of Colombia signing peace with the FARC, we hope to continue to encourage farmers to make healthy choices by planting more cocoa and less chemical-using crops like coca, which leaves a blood trail of ruined lives and eco-systems in its wake.

Our Product

100% Pure Cocoa in molded square form.
Serving Information: 1 square per cup.

~250 grams in squares
~500 grams in squares
~250 grams in powder
~500 grams in powder

Prices may vary according to market price. Call for current pricing and shipping information: +57 (310) 358 – 5305

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