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La Escalinata – Cultural Promenade of Gourmet Restaurants

Discover new tastes and flavors at La Escalinata: Terraced art-deco promenade of gourmet culture foods in the heart of Pereira. Parking, views of the city and mouthwatering aromas that are a world apart. 0 Comments

El Lugar Restaurant and Terraza Cafe

For a personalized gourmet dining experience, El Lugar Boutique Hotel now brings you El Lugar Restaurant and Terraza Cafe. With premium coffee, a top-notch international chef, Euro-Colombian fusion flavors and desserts that melt in your mouth. 0 Comments

Rio y Carbon Steakhouse

Traditional Colombian & Argentinian BBQ on Saturdays and Sundays. Discover the sounds of nature as you inhale the smell of fresh barbecue! Take a short walk on the nature trail and stop off for coffee and dessert in the coffee shop downstairs. 0 Comments

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