Pereira Colombia has a rather small but fluid music scene. Meaning that there’s a lot of talent hidden all over the place, tons of events, but little organization that is easily understood. We are going to show you the music of the streets, some of the regional music and even the local symphony. Did we mention that there is a YouTube Channel now? Keep reading to learn how you can get Music in Pereira fresh as it happens!

Music in Pereira Colombia

Street Music of Pereira

Fredy playing his Bamboo Sax in front of El Diario del Otun

Music has always been in Pereira, but finding it is not as straightforward for many reasons. The main one being that local media lacks a good centralized website or vehicle to list and publicize local events. In many American cities, you will find local art and culture newspapers which showcase all the local events for every type of interest group from speed dating to rodeo events and even underground punk band scheduling. In South America, the culture is completely different. Which isn’t good or bad – just different. Many events are word – of – mouth, WhatsApp group postings, physical street banners, Facebook groups etc. We are going to give you a quick rundown on what kind of music we have in Pereira, where to go for it, and some of the culture behind it! Enjoy!

Musica de Parranda | Traditional Cantina Music of the Coffee Axis

Wherever the older generations of gather, you will hear the cantina songs of their ancestral roots, and a special type of music which is actually native to the departments of Antioquia (Medellin) and Risaralda (Pereira). In Pereira, you can hire these groups, along with mariachi bands on the Carrera 7 with Calle 15. Look for an antique building with pictures of Mariachis on the second floor. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can even pick up a “band-to-go,” if you need musical entertainment for your party. Often you will see one or two band members standing on the corner in their fancy outfits or even a group playing on the street corner.

One of our favorite groups which play the streets are “Trio Los Paisas” They are very clean cut and play quite well. Contact Omar 320 777 1219 for all your Parrandera/Musica Popular/Tradicional music needs!

Here’s a video where they sang the traditional Coffee Region favorite “Un Raton Con Pantalones” by Trio Los Paisas.

Musica Costeña de Colombia | Caribbean Coast

In the Afro-Colombian communities and the coastal region of Colombia is a music style which is much loved throughout the country. In the grade-schools they invite these groups to come and play for parties. Their music is not unlike some of what you would hear in New Orleans – where you will even see similarities in the instruments used. However, the Papallera traditions of the Afro-Caribbean culture are part of what makes this music style so unique.

The following band, is a local band from Pereira, who played this impromptu performance at the Afro-Colombianidad Celebration which was held in May 2017 at Plaza Civica de Victoria:

Bamboo Sax | Fredy and Rescatando Cultura

One of our well-known locals is a man named Fredy, who builds his own bamboo saxophones. You can often find him playing for tips on the streets of El Centro. Especially if you are looking for a really unique souvenir to take home, then definitely check out the artisan bamboo sax which is made from the native bamboo which grows in this area. Be sure to like his page for Music Artesan HERE! If you want to hire Fredy and Rescatando Cultura to come and play for your next event, or to buy your own bamboo sax call: 314 710 9905

Reggaeton Violin Busker Music | The Streets of Pereira

One of the things we love about Pereira, is the variety of street music you will hear any afternoon during the week in el Centro. Argentinians, Brazilians, Ecuadorian Flutists and more, can be found passing through Pereira. It is also important to note, that Pereira is a major crossroads in Colombia. A great deal of commercial, agricultural and inbound/outbound shipping passes through this city, which is a major hub. While not a very big city compared to major hubs like Medellin or Bogota, we are still a very important city for business in Colombia, due to this natural flow of traffic.

In June 2017, we took a short video of this guy playing Reggaeton Violin…Enjoy!

The Pereira Symphony Band

La Banda Sinfonica de Pereira, can be found playing up a lovely storm at Lucy Tejada Centro Cultural every Friday facing Plaza Civica de Victoria from the top of the steps (at Lucy Tejada). It is a free performance at 4:00 pm, with limited seating – so be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early to get a seat. Can’t go wrong with this group. They are a pleasure to listen to, their songs are fun and they keep it relevant to all ages. You will find yourself humming along to Colombian, American and international favorites.

Here’s the Banda Sinfonica de Pereira:

Traditional Saxophone Cover Music


Andean Mountain Music in Pereira

It is not uncommon to find indigenous groups passing through, many from Ecuador or Boliva, who are busking their ancestral music. Especially around the artisan street market of Calle 18 in el Centro – between Carrera 6 and carrera 8, you will occasionally hear the musical sound of flutes. Some other popular spots to catch street music include Carrera 6 between Calle 17 and Calle 24, and Calle 19 between Plaza Bolivar and Parque Olaya. We only regret that we couldn’t get a longer video, and a bit more information on these guys!

More Andean Flute Music in Pereira

This flutist played several days in a row with an alternating combination of the flute, pan flute and guitar. Beautiful soaring notes are amplified by the rise of the concrete jungle. And, to hear the haunting melodies playing familiar tunes, it just feels so exotic! We didn’t get a chance to question this guy and see where he comes from, but if you know him, or any of the performers on this feed, please comment below with the group names and a little information about them so we can give proper recognition wherever possible.


Music is a beautiful form of expression both culturally and socially. Music and art is everywhere in Pereira if you know where to look. It is impossible to adequately convey the local music because so much of it is very specific to certain places and groups. As we learn new information about the options we will continue to update this story and other similar articles on topics like lessons, live music venues and even local events which feature live music!

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