You have a product or service, and you need an audience willing to buy it. Content marketing is a story which connects that product to that audience and turns it into profits. It’s that simple! Come along with us as we explain why you should be using our services for your business and/or product. Maybe, you too will Get Rich and Become Famous with Content Marketing. Let us show you how!

Get Rich and Become Famous with Content Marketing

Anyone can open a shop, a restaurant, or create a product. The defining factor to the success of that product is finding the right audience who has the money and interest in buying from YOU. This isn’t easy to do. In fact, many people who open businesses have great branding, products and offers, but zero marketing. Even worse, they have no idea who or what they should focus on as they slowly slide into total obscurity. Don’t be that guy or gal. is more than a blog. It’s a website with an audience that is prepared to buy YOUR product while enjoying a fun and interesting story to help that audience want and desire it.

Not only that but it is the ONLY English-language website that is positioned in the Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio departments, to create foreign interest from a #BuyLocal #SupportLocal #EatLocal type of perspective. We are here to represent our friends and neighbors to our large international audience. An audience which is growing.


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what the industry giants are saying about the effectiveness and conversion factors of GOOD content marketing and blogging:

How It Works

When you call me to work with your product, business or touristic place of interest, we are going to offer the following services:

  • Writing: High quality professional English orthography. We have the editing and writing skills to deliver great quality. The key to it all: “A story which grabs the readers attention and sells a product.”
  • Photography: A big part of my work is my ability to take high definition photos with a unique perspective which is my own. I own a professional camera and this is included in the price we will quote you.
  • Publicity + Audience: Neither writing or photography really comes to much if there is no audience. We have the biggest English speaking audience of local and foreign English-speaking residents and visitors, in the Coffee Axis.
  • Branding/Positioning: Whether you need a website, a logo, a Facebook/Instagram page or even some nice graphics to show your product, we can help!
  • Influence: The final ingredient to making all the previous points come together, is influence. Over the last couple years we have seen our influence grow very fast. Many foreigners who come to Pereira, and who have searched it in English, will have encountered our website in some form. Our goal is to continue to expand that influence until Pereira City Guide becomes as much of a household name as the local media, and we are halfway there!

These are only a few of the skills we will use to create the image you need. Together we can properly position and sell your idea or product to a foreign audience.

Call us today for your free assessment: 312 794 8245

Famous with Content Marketing

Our Experience and Exposure

Our Editor-in-Chief, Erin Donaldson brings a unique and evolving skill set to the table from previous experience in the US, Brazil and now Colombia!

  • Six (6) years writing and blogging in personal and client blogs, websites, eBooks and more!
  • 10+ years of experience selling, marketing and positioning products from fortune 500 corporations to small local startups. (AT&T Wireless, Cutco, Retail & Local/Small Businesses)
  • Eight (8)+ years of Spanish language practice and use. She speaks the language fluently (~80%), can communicate directly and listen carefully to the needs or concerns of clients.
  • Constant interaction and sensitivity to the needs, feelings of her audience. Everything is better with a little bit of customer service and genuine interest. Write to us at!
  • Local involvement in the start-up scene, non-profit foundations and social events. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram (@pereiracityg), for photos and content related to current events.
  • What other voices are saying: Media appearances include Telecafe Regional TV, Universitario Stereo 88.2 FM, El Voz de Los Andes (Manizales radio), Colombia CallingLa Cebra Que Habla and Medellin Guru.

What our Valued Clients are Saying

Ok, so maybe you won’t become Rich and Famous with Content Marketing. At the very least you will be able to take it to the bank and cash it in for cold hard cash. Which is the point = to earn pesos/dollars/bitcoin. Money doesn’t equal happiness, but it sure does help! Here’s what our clients are saying about our services.

Desde que publicamos en Pereira City Guide, hemos tenido más exposición y “clicks” en nuestra página de potenciales clientes internacionales. Agradecemos mucho que exista una guía tan profesional y necesaria en Pereira, una ciudad con gran potencial que no contaba con contenido de calidad en inglés.Alexa Juliana Hostal Kolibri Av. Circunvalar

Pereira City Guide went above and beyond what we expected. Not only did they take photos and create visual ads but they have helped us repeatedly gain visibility and continuously support us in our business.Angela Toccalino Anukara Eco-Cultura & Yoga Via La Florida fue una gran herramienta de apoyo y colaboración que nos conectó completamente con turistas y viajeros a través de los comentarios y escritos que su periodista publicó en la guía, ya que de manera precisa logró transmitir a sus lectores la experiencia de nuestra empresa y así poder incrementar las ventas y lograr un posicionamiento de marca.Nathalia Salazar La H – La Hamburgueseria – Dosquebradas & Pereira

I have seen exquisite exposure and by sharing the page I have had several contacts from Scandinavia and the USA. Using PCG to promote both the region and our hotel has helped us reaching out to new customers and clientele whom we would not have reached before. We have had many FB comments on the share page of PCG and they are overwhelmingly positive. Collaborating with PCG for tours and local experiences has supported our business model on many occasions. – Jorn Ludvigsen El Lugar Nordico Hotel Boutique Via Cerritos Km 7

Pagina / Blog molto interessante soprattutto per gli stranieri che vogliono visitare questa bella terra … Erin grande amica, brava professionista sempre con una visione alternativa e pronta ad appoggiare iniziative locali differenti, stimolanti, culturalmente diverse. Consigliatissimo lavorare con una blogger come lei, persona estremamente valida e seria ,,, e se ci dobbiamo fare due risate…. ce le facciamo! – Apollo Trattori La Trattoria Italian Restaurant Pereira

What our Readers are Saying

Of course happy customers are a priority, but so are people who feel connected and engaged with the content too. Here are what our readers are saying about and why they are coming back for more!

Erin’s blog is the best example of a lifestyle travel log I have read. Her commentary on life in Colombia 🇨🇴 is honest and tells her readers what they can expect when traveling and living in a Colombian city. I’ve come to depend on Erin’s blog for sound advice on all things Colombian. Her blog is my primary source for information that I have passed to countless friends going to Colombia.” – John M. USA

For me personally, the work Erin has done on Pereira City Guide was life-changing. In 2016, I was sort of confused about what my next step was going to be in my life. I wanted to stay in Colombia but was not sure of where to go. Then I stumbled upon Pereira City Guide, and in learning more about the city from Erin’s site, I was able to gather enough information to ascertain that moving to Pereira was right for me.” Dale P. USA


In the end, publicity = profits. Without it, nobody knows you exist. Especially now, where so many people are connected to social media, even more so than TV/Radio ads, it is the only way to reach certain audiences. When you pay for content advertising you are investing in your long-term success. Why? Because studies show that the older a blog post gets, the higher it ranks on Google and the more likely it is to turn up in search results.

To create a different avenue of publicity, exposure and profits for your business or product, reach out to us today to book your FREE consultation. WhatsApp/Telephone = +57 312 794 8245 or

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