From Rome to Pereira – this next dining hotspot is acclaimed as a Traditional Italian Kitchen that has consistently ranked in the top 5 on TripAdvisor, has an excellent reputation locally and uses fresh ingredients.

Why Pereira?


Apollo tells us why he chose Pereira in his own Italian way:

Quando avevo vent’anni emigrai in Spagna, era un paese molto più “libero”, festaiolo, caldo, allegro e ci sono vissuto per più di 20 anni… finché conubbi una signora Pereirana. La crisi economica in Europa fu molto dura alla fine dei 2000 ed in Colombia invece la gente era molto più calida simpatica….

Cuando cumplí 20 años me fui a vivir a España el cual era un país con mucha mas fiesta, libertad, calor y sol. Viví allí por 20 años hasta que conocí una señora de Pereira. La crisis económica que vivió Europa al final del año 2000 fue muy dura. Por eso vine a Colombia dónde encontré mucha gente muy alegre y simpática…” 

After 20 years I went to a country with much more party, freedom, heat, sun…the economic crisis in Europe was very hard during the early 2000’s. And For this, I chose Colombia which had many people who were very happy and nice…

Apollo wanted to send a special shoutout to La Escalinata “Paseo Cultural Gourmet” Pereira – a community of restaurants which deliver quality and flavor! 

La Trattoria Pereira – Authentic Italian Kitchen

The style of La Trattoria is “Comida de la Abuela” or Grandma’s Food. In true Italian tradition, Apollo had had a grandmother who cooked the classic dishes and made sure her children could too. From this comes the tastes and flavors that make this restaurant a true gem.

La Trattoria Pereira

Carpaccio di Solomo – Beef Carpaccio

Ingredients are selected with care for quality and freshness. High quality premium meats are shipped in from the Caribbean coast. They are ordered with custom cuts that follow the tradition of old world meat butchers for style and preparation. A La Trattoria it becomes the magic that drives the incredible flavors, style and overall freshness.

With over 110 plates available on the menu, you will find almost any combination of traditional Italian flavors for every palate and preference!

Cra 17 Bis 21 B – 04  Sector Lorena

In the kitchen, extra virgen olive oil and fresh herbs are a staple that maintain a high standard of flavor and consistency. Each plate is created with a special balance of flavors that are true to high quality Italian cuisine. For this reason, it is recommended that guests do not ask to hold, or substitute ingredients resulting in a loss of authenticity and trueness.


Vogliamo rompere quel luogo comune che il cibo italiano è solo pizza e pasta, ma anche antipasti, carni, pesce….rivendicando lo “slow food’: tutto ha bisogno del suo tempo di cottura e per quello sa di tradizione, di nonna e focolare

Queremos romper ese cliché de que la comida Italiana es solo pizza y pasta. Existen además aperitivos, carne, pescado…Nos gusta hacer la comida lenta, “Slow Food”: todo necesita su tiempo de cocción es por eso que tiene ese sabor a tradición de la abuela en casa.

We want to break this cliche that Italian food is only pizza and pasta, but also appetizers, meat, fish…to reclaim Slow Food: it all needs it’s time to cook and for this, tastes like tradition, like grandmother at home.

Italian Food Tradition & Culture

There are  many unique and distinct food traditions in Italy, and now you can find some of them at La Trattoria Pereira.


Salmone alla Pescatora

Balanced Ingredients – It is recommended that you do not ask for substitutions of certain ingredients. The reason behind this is that each plate has a balance. And, the belief in Italian tradition is that if you change the ingredients of a plate then you can affect that balance and even cause indigestion as a result.

Lunch Tradition – In Italian food culture, lunch is the biggest meal of the day. And, like Colombia, they typically close down shop and the family gathers over a large lunch. Two courses were served:  primi (first), pasta, rice etc. and secondi (second), with meat or fish. The meal includes contorni, or a side plate with vegetables and salad.

Digestivo – Digestive – This tradition typically follows large meals made with complex ingredients. It is a type of liquor that is served at the very end to aid in digestion. La Trattoria offers Marsala, a sweet raisin wine from Sicily.

(ask Apollo Thursday to confirm info and add additional tips if needed)


Rosticciana – Pork Ribs in the Tuscan style with salad and vegetables

At La Trattoria Pereira, visitors will find the perfect balance of light, sound and flavor to create a gourmet experience which brings all the senses to life. You will find our patios and balconies the perfect escape from your daily routine. Host your private party here, or order pizza or lasagna to go.

Cra 17 Bis 21 B – 04 (0.75 mi) Sector Lorena


When you bring your business to restaurants like this one, you are helping to support local families and sustain your local economy. Buying local is more than HOW you spend your money. It’s about WHERE you spend your money. Businesses like this one strive to bring their clients something distinct, something unique and fresh. #BuyLocal #SupportLocal



Traditional Italian Meal Structure

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