Featuring authentic recipes from the old country, German native and foreign resident in Colombia – Frank, is turning his dream into reality by serving the food of his homeland at Biergarten Alemán. Discover why he chose Pereira and the food he is cooking up for local enthusiasts.

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The Story Behind Biergarten Alemán.


Why Colombia? Why Pereira?

We stopped in for a chat with Frank Peipp, the proud new owner of Pereira’s newest dining hot spot. Named after the famous internationally recognized icon associated with Germany – the biergarten. A biergarten, is as the name sounds, an outdoor space where people can drink beer and breathe fresh air while being surrounded by plants.


During our chat we asked him, “Why Colombia? Why Pereira?”

Here’s what he had to say about it:

” It’s more economical, there’s less crisis, the infrastructure is more well developed, weather [in Pereira] is the best.”

He went on to explain how he had previously spent more than five years searching different parts of Pereira, and even Medellin for a property that fit his mental picture.


His thoughts about starting a business in Pereira:

“You must have a few ideas and be stubborn. Now, I am happy. I wanted a garden, and it is perfect.” – Frank Peipp, Proprietor of Biergarten Alemán

The restaurant is located in a house on carrera 14 in the Los Alpes sector of Pereira. It was completely remodeled and recreated with a specific image in mind, the perfect beer garden in paradise.

History and Culture of German Food

Beer and sausage often comes to mind when we think of Germany. And, Frank explained how there are actually many different and large regions in Germany with different types of food and flavor.


There are however, a few basic staples that will help us identify what German food consists of.

  • Sauce. Germans don’t like to eat their food dry. In this culture, sauce is very important in almost every aspect. A lot of time is dedicated to creating the right flavor and ensuring the food isn’t too dry.
  • In the north is the ocean and fish is an important part of the regional cuisine.
  • The southern regions of Germany which are now part of the Czech Republic, you will find “Potato Balls.” There are many different types and when they are prepared correctly, they taste exquisite.
  • There’s even a type of “German style” pasta which is used to make dumplings, soups and stews, it is commonly referred to as “Spatzle.”
  • The food is hearty and uses certain spices and condiments like mustard seed, pickles, and dill.
  • Many dishes are made with, or based on pork and potatoes. These are two of the most important staples that German food is based on. They also like to eat gamey meats like stag, reindeer and rabbit.
  • Saurkraut, or kraut salad, depending on preparation methods; is an important part of German cuisine. Especially among the lower classes, kraut was traditionally made in large batches and stored for winter when fresh fruit and vegetables were scarce. Today it is a national favorite and served as a part many traditional dishes including sausage and meatballs.

Biergarten Aleman Pereira

Visitors to Biergarten Aleman can expect traditional German recipes with available local ingredients. About every 4-6 weeks the menu will change a bit. Of course, certain traditional favorites will continue to be available like the sausage plate and fresh apple sauce dessert.


Here are some of the plates currently offered:

  1. German Sausage – 100 grams of artisan made German sausage which was specially prepared and ordered in from Medellin. It comes with Kraut salad and potato salad.
  2. Stuffed Bell Pepper – 500 grams of beef prepared with special ingredients and spices and cooked in a bell pepper. Served with rice and a hearty bell pepper sauce with vegetables.
  3. German Meatballs – 200 grams, or two large meatballs served with kraut salad and potato salad.
  4. Stuffed Cabbage – 300 grams of specially seasoned beef rolled in cabbage leaves. Served with mashed potatoes and fresh mushroom gravy.
  5. Beef Roll – 300 grams of beef rolled with spices and veggies and cooked. Served with purple cabbage, cooked potatoes and special sauce.

The restaurant is open for dinner every day except Tuesday. Lunch is available Saturday and Sunday. Along with the dinner menu visitors can order beer, juice, wine or cocktails.



Address: carrera 14 #11-69   Like us on Facebook!  facebook.com/BiergartenAleman/


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Biergarten Alemán

    Stuart Oswald January 22, 2018

    Would love to know more about the owner and what his link with Germany might be? Otherwise, on the face of this post, it is a place I am planning to visit.

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