The first Anniversary of Pereira City Guide is here! Can you believe it has been a year since we turned the lights on, and started publishing high quality content in English about Pereira? Of course, we couldn’t have done it, without our readers and project participants, who have helped us achieve what we thought was – almost impossible. Come along and celebrate one year of well-curated information about Pereira, in English!

Our First Anniversary of Pereira City Guide

With no previous experience we dove in! This was our first time putting up a “City Guide” type of website. As far as we know, there are very few websites like ours in Colombia – like The Bogota Post or Medellin Living. Ours wanted to focus on tourism and expat life, not so much news like the Post. At the advice of a European web developer, we bought the domain and invested in a high power theme package. Then it was time to find content.

Our all-time most popular “Expat” article on the website is : “What is the Cost of Rent in Pereira, Colombia?” with over 1,287 views this continues to hit top 5 in our monthly statistics as well. This would be a good article to add publicity or ad banners to for relevant local businesses. Email us today, to take advantage of our ever increasing advertising potential.

Our all-time most popular “Food” article on the website is: “La Escalinata Pereira: A Cultural Food Promenade” with over 588 views. Did we mention that they have great food options? Be sure to visit them one day soon.

Our all-time most popular “Tourism” article on the website is: “9 Unique Bars That Will Get You Drunk” with over 448 views. We even included a bar known for it’s great selection of Colombian craft beers from all over the country. Another has a live music scene which brings in a great variety of talent.

Our all-time most popular “News” article on the website is: “Sex in Pereira, Colombia” with over 2,555 views. Our most controversial article yet, in this article we take on the sex tourism issue, and face some harsh realities, while giving an easy-to-read breakdown of the penalties for sex with minors, and the current laws regarding prostitution in Colombia.

Launching Pereira City Guide eBook

Our exact date of birth is a bit fuzzy. The idea was conceived in March, and a Facebook page started in April/May. The website came online in May, but Google Analytics didn’t start until August. On top of it all, we published an ebook “guide-book” on July, 1st. The eBook was funded through the careful placement of relevant advertising, and the graphic design alone was over $500 USD and prepared by a graphic design expert in Europe. Ultimately – it failed. Kindle won’t let us place it “Free” and we can only offer it free 5 days per quarter. Sales started off pretty good with 30 or 40 copies being sold in the first month, a hand-ful the second, and only a couple from then onward.

Pereira City Guide eBook

As part of our anniversary celebration we are going to retire the eBook from, and offer it free, in PDF form – to anyone who signs up for our FREE monthly eMagazine – where we tell you about new content, special offers, deals, events and more! To get your copy, fill in your Name and Email on the form below (not available until June 15th).

Note: Your privacy is important to us – and any information you give us (name/email) won’t be shared with anyone else!

Pereira City Guide 2016


In early April Pereira City Guide was born as a random idea. Kind of like your first tattoo – where you just do it!

By May we had the Facebook Page up and the domain name purchased. We even had this cute logo made up by a freelance hand-drawn logo artist.

It represents everything we love about Pereira, the art, the tradition, the coffee and the progressive mentality which this city is famous for.

Be sure to visit in August for the Fiestas de las Cosechas – like the Colombian State Fair almost. Horse Shows, parades, jeeps, food festivals, beauty pageants and so much more will be held in the city during the entire month. Check back with us in the first week of August for full English coverage of this event!

July 2016

July 1st, 2016 we published an eBook to help outsiders discover Pereira via the latest travel technology! We even published a 2nd edition of it – to ensure the quality we promised our project participants.

Starting Thursday June 15th, 2017: we are going to give away the Pereira City Guide eBook FREE to all new subscribers to our FREE monthly eMagazine!

Pereira City Guide 2017

January 2017

Our email list has over 115 subscribers!

The first few months of this year we over-hauled our email system to send out an auto-responder to help new subscribers find all the best content and information we have to offer. Over time we will continue to work on our auto-responder system and build our list to over 1,000 subscribers during the rest of 2017.

March 2017 was asked to appear on “Entre Mujeres” a day-time TV show on Telecafe, the local TV station. We received 15 minutes of fame, and shared our story with Pereira on day-time television. What a fun experience!

Anniversary of Pereira

May 2017

We hit 1,000 Likes on our Facebook Page! Particularly this year, there has been a significant uptick in viewership interaction with our page. People are starting to comment, Like, Love and even offer advice or encouragement.

Anniversary in Pereira

June 2017

Looking back, this has been a great year! The picture below is our Google Analytics metric for the whole year. It has been a huge growing experience, our most successful blog endeavor yet, and so much more! We hope you will continue to follow our life and travel experiences in the Coffee Axis of Colombia!

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 7.47.23 AM

Our web-page has reached an all-time high of 26,000 views in only one year!

One year after our eBook and Website launch we have 55 individual carefully curated Blog articles about Pereira (including this one), and the surrounding region. Most of them are consistently hitting top-ten search rankings for common Google topics about this area. We have had 10,000 individual users, or unique visits. at least 4,935 of them have returned to this site.

Our best month ever was May of 2017, where we hit our highest peak visits at 2,215! And very little money was spent on advertising. Instead we leveraged Facebook groups of people who we knew would already take an interest in the topic. And, it has been successful in doubling down the number of hits per campaign – and permitting me to give super cheap content prices to the residents of Colombia.

Come Celebrate With Us

Finally, we would like to invite our readers to come celebrate one very successful year of this Thursday, January 15th, 2017 7:30 PM at Camden Town Gastro Pub, near Pepe Ganga – just off of Avenida Circunvalar.

We would like to recognize and thank Jose Fernando, and the Camden Town staff for their kind sponsorship of our Anniversary party. Be sure to follow them on their Facebook Page:

Come and join us for FREE Raffle Prizes, FREE Finger Foods and Fun! Our only rule is BYOB: Buy Your Own Beer! But, you won’t be disappointed – because Camden Town has hands-down the BEST Craft Beer selection you are going to find in Pereira – and they also do a really nice hamburger.

Anniversary of Pereira

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