For the traveler who loves the offbeat feeling of doing something different, we have some Unique Coffee Axis Tours that you are going to enjoy! The magic of this tour concept, is that everything we offer comes with flexible options which will shift and change according to tastes, preference and interests of our guests. Come along with us as we discover coffee, tango, history and more!

Unique Coffee Axis Tours

Photo taken near Apia, Risaralda

Unique Coffee Axis Tours

Where we try to bring visitors a tour concept that goes above and beyond the average large group format. This is for the discerning visitor who treads lightly yet seeks a fully immersive experience. These tours are exclusive and fall under a limited availability so please contact us a minimum of one week prior to book yours!

#1 | Pereira City Tour

Discover the reason behind the naked Bolivar, experience fresh brewed specialty Colombian coffee, tour an exclusive art gallery and antique home that is one-of-a-kind special! In this tour, Erin Donaldson – Travel Interpreter Extraordinaire, will lead visitors on an experience which is customized to your interests. Come along with us as we invoke all the senses in a journey of the past and present. This two hour walking tour will unlock the secrets and legends of Pereira like never before!  Cost: 40,000 COP/person


Unique Coffee Axis Tours

Calle del Tango in Manizales, Caldas

#2 | Manizales Tango Experience

Combine the beauty of Argentinian Tango with breathtaking scenery for our next unique tour. We will do a coffee experience in the morning, enjoy a typical Colombian lunch, and then take a two hour intensive tango class in the afternoon. Visitors will get their feet wet with our semi-personalized introductory class to Argentinian rhythms, basic technique (or more advanced depending on level) and a brief history lesson about the tango culture of the Coffee Axis. For an extra cost, we will take you out later that evening for social dancing at local clubs which feature tango, paso double, bolero, salsa and merengue. Cost: 200,000 COP/person 



#3 | Apia Coffee Pueblo Tour

One of the reasons we find Apia to be so unique, is the little-known fact that it has not one, but four different cafe’s which serve locally grown specialty Colombian coffee. This is a leap forward in the Evolution of Coffee Culture in the Coffee Axis because the smaller pueblos, especially the ones which are little known by most tourists, don’t typically cultivate specialty coffee culture. In this tour visitors will sip excellent coffee, enjoy a mini-concert by local talents, paraglide high (cost varies depending on whether you want to do the paragliding or not) above the lush green landscape and enjoy a unique pueblo tour. NOTE: 10% of all proceeds from this tour go to COMARCA, a local music foundation that gives free lessons to campesino children, also one of the best music formation programs in the coffee axis. Lunch and Transport is included. Cost: 250,000 COP/person


Contact us via WhatsApp, Telephone or email to plan your tour. Costs may vary depending on the tour option, seasonal pricing and special preferences of our guests. We offer tours on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please contact us at least a week ahead of the date you wish to procure as our availability is extremely limited and subject to prior reservation.

Terms and Conditions

Here are a few items you should take into account:

  • Upfront payment is mandatory. We promise to offer you the best value possible for the experience and services you will receive.

Contact Us

The best way to reach us is via WhatsApp or email. Questions, concerns or comments are always welcome.

Cell/Whatsapp: 312 794 8245


Special Features

Travel InterpreterYour Travel Interpreter

Erin Donaldson, is the Editor in Chief of Pereira City Guide. She is a well-known local figure in the world of tourism and travel blogging in the Coffee Axis of Colombia. With more than 5 years of permanent residence in Pereira, Risaralda, visitors will receive first-hand perspectives on travel, expat lifestyles, local culture and food. You will be in good hands!

Photography Service

Each tour will include professional photos using a high resolution camera. Especially if you have security concerns about carrying your own electronics, we will strive to provide nice photos as part of our commitment to creating a trip concept that is as relaxing as it is uniquely captivating. Our job is to keep you focused on the experience you will have versus the moments you hope to capture, yet which we will work to capture during the tour.

Small Groups

Our maximum tour group is 5 to 6 people (depending on family or travel companion arrangements). As part of this benefit, we will be able to work around your personal ideas, interests and style. The idea is to keep everything focused on the theme, yet fluid according to weather, guest needs and serendipity.

Personalized Services and Consultation

If you have unique needs or personal interests, be sure to ask us about our personalized services and consultation which is included in all of our tours. Souvenirs beyond the usual junk shops, local organic food products, specialty products/services and gourmet coffee can be procured as part of our tour service. For more information ask your guide and she will advise you accordingly. Note: Guests are responsible for additional costs of purchase or transport.


Be sure to bookmark this page as we plan to continue to add curated tours over time as we are able. The process of creating these tours is very slow and contemplative as we form each experience in a way that will invoke the spirit and essence of our Unique Coffee Axis Tours. Our goal is to create moments of delight and surprise that you won’t find in guide books or in online searches.


Owner/Editor of, Erin is also the Project Administrator/Editor of Pereira City - She has been living in Pereira, Colombia for several years.
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    Wow, wow, it sounds really tempting and exotic. Good going

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