There are many unique situations for fun or profit in the Coffee Axis of Colombia. One of these is a small pueblo, La Virginia, Risaralda. Located only a short 30 minute drive from downtown Pereira, there’s some interesting tourist potential in this area.

Tourism Potential in La Virginia Risaralda


For us, it is one of the greenest pueblos, or small towns, in the Coffee Axis. Based on 2015 census data, it has a population of about 32,000 people. [1] It is characterized by large trees which provide ample shade, a zona franca or tax free zone which is being developed for tourism, and a population that moves around primarily….by bicycle. Life would definitely move a bit slower here, but it is on the local radar as having a lot of potential as a tourist destination.

Another interesting fact about La Virginia, is the cheap cost of living. Beef is produced locally and fish is taken out of the nearby rio Cauca, or river Cauca. For people who prefer a warm to hot climate, river scenery and sugar cane fields dotted with cow pastures, you couldn’t find a more idyllic place. Which brings us to our next topic – a nice property for sale.

Villa Margarita


Only 10 minutes from La Virginia is Villa Margarita, a country estate with a capacity to sleep 32 people. It’s surrounded by large trees and nice for weekend getaways, corporate meetings or family reunions.

image-2The main house has 6 bedrooms which with regular beds and bunk beds for greater capacity. It has one kitchen and two bathrooms. The property also features a smaller house, pool, jacuzzi, social kiosk, chapel, lake, football field, fruit tree and ample parking.


The smaller house, or “fonda tipica,” is a downsized, simplistic replica of the big house and ideal for having a small snack shop, ticket booth or event organization headquarters.

In Pereira, these types of farms have been productive as weekend rentals for tourists. Often they are rented out for about ~500,000 COP per day (~$200 USD) on Saturdays and Sundays, but a bit more leveraging could make them viable for longer periods of time.


Cost and Specifications

Property Size: 2.47 acres or one hectare in La Virginia Risaralda Colombia

Other features: 

  • Small Creek
  • Lake which farms up to 2,000 fish
  • Variety of producing fruit trees
  • Miniature “Pueblo” organization of buildings.
  • Swimming pool and jacuzzi.
  • Social Kiosk/BBQ zone


$800,000,000 COP = $278,044 USD

Owner is willing to negotiate or trade for other properties and/or automobiles as partial payment.

To visit:

If you would like to plan a visit to view this property contact us as or via WhatsApp +57 312 794 8245.



Creative times require creative solutions. La Virginia Risaralda is a pueblo that we have written about on a few occasions and for us holds a special kind of fascination because it is so unique. It kinda feels like the deep American south, where you will find big trees with moss hanging from them, ample green spaces and beautiful river, field and mountain scenery.




Owner/Editor of, Erin is also the Project Administrator/Editor of Pereira City - She has been living in Pereira, Colombia for several years.

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