Welcome to The City Without Doors!

The City Without Doors

Cesar Gaviria Viaduct


The City Without Doors is one of many names that Pereira has inherited over the years along with The Pearl of the Otun River and La Querendonda, Transnochadora y Morena.

The City Without Doors

Plaza Victoria

On one news site, they explain this nickname, The City Without Doors, as: “en ella no hay forasteros y su gente acoge a quien la visite.” In her, we don’t have outsiders and the people take in whoever visits. Source: Prensa.com

The City Without Doors

La Villa Olympica Sports Complex

Originally a refuge for liberals fleeing conservative pursuit, Pereira endures in her reputation as a city who welcomes outsiders. The businesses are very multicultural too. Japanese Orchid Growers, German Architects, and Canadian Permaculture Farmers don’t even begin to touch the surface of the colors we have here. You can even eat pizza in el Centro made by an Italian from Italy who found a home in The City Without Doors too!

The City Without Doors

The Founders Monument is a living testament to the hardship and sacrifices of the refugees who helped create Pereira.

Even Pereira City Guide, was founded by someone who found a home here in the City Without Doors.

Is it any surprise to you that we love it here?

The City Without Doors

A growing street art scene.

In upcoming articles we are going to help made the picture clearer to visitors by revealing the best of the best that Pereira has to offer! Whether you want to satisfy a sweet tooth, have beer and pizza with the guys or experience the night life of Pereira with Live Music, we have it all here!


There are many faces in Pereira, but no doors. It is a city that works to preserve its traditions while still moving forward into the future. Te Amo Pereira!


The City Without Doors

Christmas is coming soon too…


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