One cup of Specialty Colombian Coffees can be so complex. The aromas, flavors and the way it tastes in your mouth all become a part of that morning ritual. The adventure of obtaining fresh, high quality coffee has reached a new level of intensity. Larger import operations can easily dilute the bag with cheaper coffee in order to maximize output.

This is where smaller operations can come along which guarantee better quality and a more personalized level of service and interaction. This is where Specialty Colombian Coffees is bringing you fresh green coffee shipped in from the Coffee Axis of Colombia.

Specialty Colombian Coffees

We are working to help consumers connect with well-sourced coffee “de origen.” Specialty Colombian Coffee is a small business with the ability to operate under higher levels of transparency and quality control ensuring the best bean available is delivered to your door.

The partnership is an importer in the US who has the distribution center – Ruben Dario Salazar, a purveyor of coffee in Colombia – Carlos del Rio, and finally, an influencer, blogger in Pereira – Erin Donaldson, who is helping with sales and digital infrastructure.

In a nutshell, it’s a project which is obtaining coffee with a cupping, or quality score of 85 points, or higher on a 100 point scale. We ensure maximum freshness by packing it in GrainPro bags, loading a shipping container and delivering them to roasters and consumers from the temperature/humidity controlled Dupuy warehouse/distribution center in Miami, FL.

We guarantee una buena taza, or a good cup!

Coffee facts-2

Erin Donaldson | Editor & Admin of | Coffee Experience CV

Having spent more than five years in the Coffee Axis of Colombia, Erin has some local experience and basic know-how in tourism and expat lifestyles throughout the region. She has a level of perception and instinct which has made big waves on the local scene both for foreign residents, and visitors to the region.

It’s not about whether a place is the best or worst, but in the world of marketing – it makes for a good headline. It wasn’t until later when some of my predictions started coming true, that I realized that things I am writing might possibly carry more weight than I anticipated.” Says Erin

Today some of her most well-read restaurant articles happen to coincide with the two best restaurants on TripAdvisor, the 12 best coffee shops in the Coffee Axis and more than 10 unique bars that many locals have never even heard of. She has a nose for quality and context which has allowed her to position and connect the right type of tourist to the places and activities they really want.

Now, she is taking it to a new level by studying the entire coffee business from field to cup in order to work as a Point-of-Origin contact for American buyers who need green coffee. Here is the short-list of her experience writing about the evolution of coffee culture in Colombia.

Published Articles about Coffee:

On the topic of coffee, she has experience in the standard preparation methods and cupping technique. Mostly gained through experiences she has lived and learned from.


Erin is working to connect with roasters in the US/Canada. Her goal is to help connect farmers with buyers in a simple but proven process that guarantees transparency, quality control and customer service.

For more information or to have a sample shipped, email or call & WhatsApp at +57 312 794 8245

Be like Erin! Drink good coffee! Call or email for your sample today!

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    Trevor June 6, 2018

    Is there any culture of decaffeinated coffee in Colombia?

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