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Artistically designed country estate with unique investment potential. Discover a private paradise located near to a golf course, restaurants, schools and public transit. This property has beauty spa, private estate or golf lodge potential. Located in a nice area with a year round springtime climate.

Welcome to Aldea Quimbaya

Aldea Quimbaya is a place of beautiful energy where earth, sun and the mountain come together to create a magic portal of biodiversity and ancestral heritage. The estate name of “Aldea Quimbaya,” translates as “Quimbaya Community,” a magical place where people come together to share in the gifts of Madre Tierra.

Long before the Spanish even knew Colombia existed, there dwelled a tribe of indians who called themselves Quimbaya. They made their settlements in the sheltered hills and valleys below the snow capped peaks of the central corridor of the Colombian Andes mountains. The artistry and design of this estate was inspired by their art and design.

Golf Lodge – Spa – Country Estate – Bed and Breakfast

Get some light practice at the nearby 9-hole golf course located only a couple miles away. Treat yourself with loving care at the end of the day with extensive spa facilities. Go anywhere you want with a close equidistant proximity to both Armenia and Pereira. Close to everything touristic, yet full of natural scenery and fresh air. For a drone video of the golf course copy/paste this link into a new tab on your browser:

Retire in luxury and privacy on your very own estate. High quality hospitals, city amenities and activities are reachable via one of the best transportation regions in Colombia. The roads of Risaralda and Quindio are unmatched for quality and efficiency.

Create a restaurant or hobby business, bed and breakfast, or your dreams, an AirBnB rental property with ample parking, a caretakers cabin and additional outbuilding which can be renovated and finished to create an indoor soccer field, social area, horse barn or hobby space.

Details and Information

– Located near good schools, 2 cities, numerous shopping malls, parks and attractions.
– Property Size: 24,000 square meters or a bit less than 3 hectares.
– Fully Gated and Secure with 24/7 caretaker who lives in a cabin on the property.
– 7,000 square meters of native forest which gives a significant annual tax discount.
– 6 duplex – style, internal apartments which could be divided to create more individual rooms.
– Spa: Jacuzzi, Heated Pool, Turkish Bath, Sauna, and activity spaces for yoga or group sessions.
– Full Kitchen and Restaurant Space with pantry/storage. Restaurant can seat up to 50 people.
– Reception area, side office with bathroom. Public and private bathrooms.
– Large, flat grass areas for wedding receptions, sporting events or exercise classes.
– Fire-pit and concrete seating space, for bonfires, barbecues and culture.
– Small pond which could be sealed and filled to form a small lake, or pumped and converted into a large fish pond or fountain.
– 10 parking spaces plus a large grass turnaround/parking zone.

Frequently Asked Questions, Price and Contact Information

What Strata is it?
– Strata 7 Rural Zoning
What About Title/Deed?
– This deed is owned free and clear of any mortgage or bank. There has only been one owner since 1991, when it was originally subdivided.
What year was the house built? Is it built to code?
– The house was built over time and finished in 2009. The papers are in order with all necessary permits for building plans authorized by the local city governance.

Price: ~ $850,000 USD Rent: ~$3,500/month for business use, or $2,000 USD for residential use.

For additional photos and information copy/paste this link into your browser:

Speak with the owner directly at to schedule your visit.

Pereira Investment Potential – World Bank Data

Ranked as #1 for construction permits and in the top 10 for paying taxes, Pereira is a powerful investment vehicle which also offers low annual property taxes.
For more information:

Tourism Information

Part of this property follows the Barbas river, an important corridor of biodiversity and wildlife. The property is well placed in the center Barbas Bremen Conservation District, an area full of life and biodiversity. Available activities in the immediate area include hiking trails, birdwatching and impressive biodiversity. For a short documentary on this area copy/paste this link into your browser window:

The region where this house is located in is commonly known as the “Eje Cafetero,” or Coffee Axis, an enchanted hotspot of biodiversity, coffee production and sleepy pastoral villages. Discover the adventure of the mountains, or the refreshing coolness of the many rivers and creeks. Fall in love with the warm and inviting local culture known for it’s welcoming friendliness, even towards strangers.
Follow this link to go on a short city tour of Pereira (with subtitles in English):

Near to the estate, but in a different direction, is the famous tourist town of Salento. Known throughout Colombia as the village of artisans, it hosts scenic views of the Cocora Valley and well-preserved antique architecture, typical to the region. Ride horses up to the wax palms, or hike in to the harder to reach areas for spectacular photo ops!

Only 15 minutes from the estate, is the small village of Filandia. A smaller version of Salento, this pueblo is becoming a popular destination for weekend trips. With several gourmet restaurant options, a viewing tower and local artisans. Filandia is particularly known for its woven ponchos, or ruanas and baskets.

Additional tourism hotspots include the San Vicente Hot Springs, and the Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs are about an hour and a half distance from the estate. These natural hot springs are very popular with international tourists and have been the subject of many scientific studies about the water purity and benefits.

Enjoy the close proximity of several thematic parks:
Parque National del Cafe : A popular thematic park with rides, amusements and one of the best coffee museums in the region. Explore the story of cafe with a beautiful scenic backdrop and activities for the whole family.

Parque Panaca Region Cafetera : A fun and friendly family-themed park where visitors can learn the local farm culture from a hands-on approach. Learn how sugar and coffee is grown and processed. With petting zoos and activities for the whole family.

Museo del Oro Quimbaya: Named for the indigenous nation which once occupied the coffee region, at the Museo del Oro (or Gold Museum), ancient wonders await. One of the nicest museums in the area, it will give you a beautiful illustrated at the Pre-Colombian culture and her artifacts.

Ukumari: a theme-park currently under construction, visitors can experience some of the planned exhibits and learn about the animals of Colombia and the coffee region, plus a few more.

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