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La Escalinata – Cultural Promenade of Gourmet Restaurants

Discover new tastes and flavors at La Escalinata: Terraced art-deco promenade of gourmet culture foods in the heart of Pereira. Parking, views of the city and mouthwatering aromas that are a world apart. 0 Comments

Don Manolo’s Cafe Especial: Coffee Farm Attraction

Take a peek inside the world of coffee cultivation and experience the cultural coffee landscape of Colombia first hand! With a tour that is small, dedicated and customizable, this is a place for you to learn and explore everything you ever wanted to know about coffee. 0 Comments

El Lugar Restaurant and Terraza Cafe

For a personalized gourmet dining experience, El Lugar Boutique Hotel now brings you El Lugar Restaurant and Terraza Cafe. With premium coffee, a top-notch international chef, Euro-Colombian fusion flavors and desserts that melt in your mouth. 0 Comments

La Villa Olympica: Sports Complex

Professional Football Stadium, Olympic Sized Swimming Pool complex, Largest Skatepark in Colombia, Expofuturo: Conference Center, and more. Can be reached via Megabus. Estadio I and Estadio II alimentador (or feeder bus). 0 Comments

Embera Woman Mural

The newest contribution to the beauty of Pereira, this mural was created to remember one of the many native peoples who have been displaced by the conflict. The embera. 1 Comments

El Lugar Boutique Hotel

This Euro-Lux Boutique Hotel is a stunning one-of-a-kind attraction which most travelers will easily miss. 0 Comments

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