Probably, the most important part of travel, is finding a place to rest your head. In Pereira, we have options, and many of them are actually quite nice. And, as a side benefit, we are going to show you how one small travel tweak can suddenly transform your spending money into something that helps the local economy. It’s like volunteering without even lifting a finger!

Pereira Hotel Hostel Guide 2017

Pereira Hotel Hostel Guide 2017

It’s not rocket science finding a good place to stay, but in the world where massive travel websites attempt to extort  businesses for rankings, it can be a bit difficult. There is a new generation of travelers who now, more than ever, are starting to look for local bloggers and travel guides that can give them ideas for their itinerary. Even physical travel guides are now largely defunct as the weight limits of suitcases become smaller and WiFi access becomes commonplace.

  • Let us show you some of the best local options that we have found!

Boutique – Luxury Hotels in Pereira

If you check any travel site, you will see that there are tons of “Boutique” hotels and “Spa’s” in Pereira. This is true, although many of them are simply big mansions with a cook and cleaning staff that call themselves “boutique,” while others offer spa services but play catty games with foreigners regarding their prices. Here are a few options that we feel are some of the better choices in the area. For people who speak English. Are top notch professionals.  And, who will take really good care of you. Keep reading.

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El Lugar Hotel Boutique | Cerritos

Only 10 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the city center, you will find a quiet country estate. Operated as a boutique hotel, El Lugar is a personalized experience with something new every time! It is in a quiet location with staff available 24/7 to attend to your needs.


Discover the gourmet menu that starts with you. It’s not what so much what they have available, it’s about what you desire. With a wide variety of premium cuts of meat and seafood, you can choose options like lobster, salmon and even prime rib. Every day onsite, you will find a European chef who uses fresh ingredients and ensures the taste and presentation of every dish served.

El Lugar


For a quiet night of sleep and relaxation you will fall into their super soft, imported, European style beds. Style and luxury doesn’t give you a better night’s sleep than this! Treat yourself like a King or Queen, and stay at El Lugar.

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Call for a reservation: +57 321 558 4848

Visit their website:

Hotel Uno – Gastro Pub | El Centro – Plaza Victoria

Where El Lugar is a country getaway with peace and relaxation, Hotel Uno is an upscale urban setting with delicious food and a vibrant nightlife. Not even open a month, it has already been fully booked multiple times since its inauguration. The manager of this hotel, Daniel Darubeats, is known as a shaker and mover who puts together amazing privately guided trips with small groups to fun party destinations in Colombia and beyond.

Hotel Uno Gastro Bar

The decor is very modern but artistic. Local artists are given the opportunity to contribute or display art, giving it an art-gallery feel too. Always a supporter of local art and music, there are special events each weekend that feature local DJ’s or musicians, and artists. For a fun modern art vibe, definitely check out this place.


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Call to Reserve: + 57 310 423 8938 – +57 (036) 325 6900 (English/Spanish)

Special Mention | Hotel Movich Pereira

This corporate hotel has come onto our radar not only for a strong woman led executive team, but also due to their efforts to buy local products, support local artists and even bring in local bands for their guests enjoyment. They play an important role in helping the local economy through these efforts to support local and buy local. We hope they continue in this and work to continue to attain a high standard of quality in their hotel, restaurant, spa, coffee shop and bar.

To learn more about Hotel Movich click here for a recent story about what they have to offer which was published on our sister publication Click here to read more:

Hostels in Pereira

At some point everyone should try the hostel experience. Besides being very affordable, it gives you a glimpse into the hearts and souls of people who travel. Solo travelers, budget and eco-travelers have all found a safe haven in these places. They are full of free thinkers and open minded people from all corners of the globe who travel.

Hostels in Pereira, are very unique. Each part of the city has a separate hostel which fills a totally unique and distinct niche. There is a hostel for all different types of people, needs and locations. Pick your perfect fit here as we bring you two hostels in Pereira which are a cut above the rest, and very unique in their own way.

Coffee and Travel | el Centro

For crisp mountain views and the smell of fresh brewed coffee always, catch some winks at Coffee and Travel. We found this to be a super-friendly hostel with lots of open spaces with natural lighting and a very relaxed atmosphere. In fact, this hostel has gained a reputation as being a place which feels “like hanging out with a friend, or family.” Says Alejandra, co-owner. Together with her brother Daniel, they are offering customers a warm welcome and a very personalized experience.


The hostel is in the downtown, or center of the city. The area around it is a colorful and unique mash up of antique colonial houses, and newer brick and concrete constructions. This hostel is a couple large apartments with a back patio which were given a make-over into a very comfortable and spacious hostel located in a quiet area which is only a block away from restaurants, antique houses with restaurants, unique bars and beautiful plazas.

Hostels in Pereira

Land: +57 (036) 344 7779 Cell: +57 316 696 9626 / +57 315 895 2027


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Kolibri Hostel | Circunvalar

Another popular zone for visitors to Pereira is the area surrounding “Avenida Circunvalar.” Considered to be the Zona Rosa (Circunvalar) /Zona Gourmet (La Rebekah) of Pereira, there’s also two very nice shopping malls on this same avenue. In a location that is close to all the bars, restaurants and shopping, but very quiet at night, you will find Kolibri Hostal. One of the first hostels to open their doors in Pereira they offer upscale amenities for travelers.

Pereira Hotel Hostel Guide 2017

This is a special dorm that features beds which are extra wide: 1.20 meters.


During their 4 years of operation they have undergone many remodels and changes which have made them one of the best hostels in Pereira. They represent the International Digital Professional Who Travels, style of niche. With open terraces, bright natural light and social zones ranging from quiet to interactive and musical. They even offer two furnished apartments for short and long term rentals.


Call Us: +57 321 646 9275

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The Best Country Estate or Farm Rentals in Pereira

Here in Pereira we have this Spanish word: Finca, or farm. But, it would be quite narrow to leave it at that. A finca is like a small country estate that comes with a bit of land. Many of these fincas have fields with crops around them, while others are more like a fenced neighborhood in the country with a pool, barbecue area and soccer fields. You can rent them by the day or week and may charge one flat fee, or per person. Sometimes, they may even have on-site staff to answer questions or assist with meals, but this is not always the case.

Finca Apopori – The Party Farm | Cerritos

With a 95% occupancy rate, this is one of the busiest local secrets in Pereira. After some bad publicity in 2016, they quit publicizing the weekend pool parties. But, if you are looking for a fun country setting, with a pool, camping space, a daily shuttle to/from the city, and plenty of social activities, then this might be your spot. It could be described as a farm-estate-hostel.


Be sure to check their Facebook page for information about upcoming events and group tours to fun party destinations. Check back frequently on social media for fun events, tours and international trips which are guided by people who like to have fun.

Call: +57 310 423 8938

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Rental House in the Country | Mercasa

Especially if you want to get some serious sun and pool time in, then this rental is for you! Located in a climate zone that typically receives temperatures in the 80’s and sunshine. You will find nothing but country bliss all around. The owner/caretakers are Andres and Claudia, who will be at hand for shuttle service, tours and housekeeping duties.


This property is located outside the city to the South. It is only 20 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes to the city center. In this area you will find hiking, relaxing by the pool or a visit to nearby orchid farm. Breathe fresh air and enjoy a quiet retreat out in the country.


Call For Reservations: +57 320 618 2524


Web Page:

Large Estate Rental | Via Armenia – Birdwatching Area & Barbas-Bremen Regional Park

Capture the beauty of the Coffee Region with an escape for up to 15 people. Now, you can rent a large country estate with extravagant spa facilities for a long weekend in the country, a golf retreat, family reunion or even wedding. With plenty of parking, dining accommodations, and bedroom suites. Experience cool nights, misty mornings and springtime days that are neither hot nor cold. This property is located 10 minutes away from “Barbas Bremen Avistamiento de Aves“, which is a national park with a special area for birdwatching.


This estate is located equidistant between Armenia and Pereira. It is situated quite close to popular tourist destinations like Parque de Cafe, a themed amusement park, the colonial pueblos of Finlandia and its famous cousin Salento. Experience hiking, golfing, horseback riding and breathtaking vistas everywhere you look.


Email: (en Espanol) to schedule your vacation or special event.

Web Page:

Conclusion: Say No To Corporate Travel Schemes

When you visit any of these locations you are supporting local family owned businesses which have been getting good positive buzz for some time. These are places that we hand-picked for you through careful browsing, local chisme, or rumor, and perusal of the available options. Obviously, you are going to find other hotels and hostels. We have so many here. But, we can assure you that these places stood out to us, and a couple of them were even recommended to us by travelers to this area. And, they aren’t corporately owned.

So, what is corporate travel? It’s any amenity or attraction that is owned by large corporations. They are big businesses which pay a few locals to run the place, and then ship the money out to other places with the local economy seeing nothing but the taxes they pay (if they even do pay taxes). And we are telling you SCREW THAT! Screw those big corporations who force people to abide by stifling company culture policies. Screw those large corporations who use corporate espionage to make the local competition trip up and lose face. Screw the corporate vultures in suits who are living off the money in other countries, or cities, with no real “local” contribution or involvement.

Yes it is a bit ugly to bring this topic into my Pereira Hotel Hostel Guide 2017. But, travelers need a wake-up call to help them get the quality and care they deserve. Your money deserves to be spent better than that. And, we really hope this helps.


This story was sponsored by Venta Eco Hotel Spa, a property that is for sale near to Pereira. For nice country bliss and stunning views, there are so many options and opportunities. For more information, click here, or enjoy the Slideshare below.

Owner/Editor of, Erin is also the Project Administrator/Editor of Pereira City - She has been living in Pereira, Colombia for several years.

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