Time for a half-time recap. We have been bringing you the best of the best in Pereira, Colombia. Food, Craft Beer, Unique Bars and even Ice-Cream and Frozen Yogurt have been included. In fact, the food tour has become so popular that we decided to create one post that would be a “Food Tour of Pereira Roadmap.” This is the master-list of current stops on the Pereira Food Tour. Be sure to check back with us frequently, for new additions and updates!

Here we go!

The Pereira Food Tour Roadmap

#1: El Lugar Restaurant and Boutique Hotel

El Lugar

The rising star of the Pereira food scene, El Lugar features a unique approach to the subject of eating. Bringing you the taste and culture of Scandinavia, and fusing it with the tropical flavors and tastes of Colombia, this is a must-try place. Number one on the list, we will be bringing you an exclusive feature article Friday, November 4th, 2016! Stay tuned for an insider exclusive, at one of the top restaurants in The City Without Doors! Read more HERE!

#2: Rio y Carbon Steakhouse

Rio y Carbon Steakhouse

Off the beaten-path and in a peaceful nature setting, is Rio y Carbon Steakhouse. Experience the fresh smoky flavors of Colombian wood fired barbecue. Bask in the fresh flavors of Colombian typical cuisine with favorites such as Sancocho (Chicken Soup), Cazuela de Frijoles (Bean Stew) and Costilla’s de Cerdo (Barbecued Pork Ribs). Read more>>

#3: Camden Town Gastro Pub


A recreation of British Pub culture, visitors will experience Colombian Craft Beer and British Pub favorites like Fish and Chips and American Pub favorites like their gourmet Hamburger. Featuring a special Gin & Tonic, International Imports and Colombian Craft Beer, their drink menu and bartenders are the best in Pereira! Read more>>

#4 Bonny Mix Frozen Yogurt

Bonny Mix

Experience the smooth, cold and sweet textures of frozen yogurt, with the largest variety of fresh fruit toppings in Pereira! Bonny Mix is a locally owned yogurt chain that supports strong families and strong communities. A visit to Bonny Mix is easy due to their many locations, and quality customer service is guaranteed! Read more>>

#5 Gelateria Horus Bajo Cero


Based on the taste and textures of Italian gelato, Horus Bajo Cero is fusing fresh flavors with high quality, organic ingredients and healthy options. For an ice-cream that is low in calories, high in quality and exploding with taste, we picked this one for you! Also, featuring a very special Colombian Premium Artisan Coffee, they give their customers a unique balance of hot and cold that is not found in the average ice-cream shop! Read more>>

#6 Don Manolo’s Cafe Especial



You can’t come to the capital of Colombia’s Coffee Region and miss out on a visit to a real coffee farm. Especially one that has breathtaking vistas, the smells of freshly ground coffee, and the feel of home! Be sure to call at least 24-48 hours ahead to make your reservation. Tour the fields, experience the curing process and savor a cup of freshly brewed Colombian coffee. Read more >>

#7: Latino


One of the Off-Beat places in Pereira, Latino is a understated hole-in-the-wall restaurant with an incredible taste experience. Experience the vibrant tastes of the Caribbean coast, the fresh coconut fish of the Pacific coast or the friendly favorites of the Andes Mountains. Where the authentic recipes and tastes of Colombia can be experienced in an incredible taste and flavor experience! This is the ONLY restaurant in Pereira that offers food from the mysterious Department of El Choco, one of the most inaccessible parts of Colombia due to the conflict. Read more >>

#8: Da Giorgio’s Pizzeria

Best Pizza in Pereira

All travelers deserve a taste of home along their journey. And, what universal food do we all remember from our youth, more than Pizza? The fresh flavor of Mozzarella, the incredible aromas of Garlic, that fresh Tomato sauce your grandmother used to make! We scoured the whole city and found the BEST pizza in Pereira. By Italian expat Giorgio and his wife Maria Elena, don’t miss out on this slice of Italian heaven! Read more>>

#9: La Crema Pasteleria & Cafe

Pastry Shops in Pereira

If you are craving a sweet and creamy milkshake, or a slice of cake, then this is the place for you. A cake-shop that is so popular that most days they sell-out by closing time. Here you can experience the light fluffy cakes, cupcakes and cream cups. Discover the best cake shop in Pereira! Read more>>

#10: San Michel Pasteleria


For the best pastries, and the best Miloja in Pereira, this is your spot. With fresh, natural ingredients free of additive and food-coloring, you can’t find a better quality pastry shop. Savor their almond pastry, their cream puff and their many fruit tart options. Whether you crave eclairs or croissants, this is your #1 stop for French pastries in Pereira! Read more>>

More To Come

Be sure to check this list from time to time as we continue to add new locations that we find.


Owner/Editor of OpenMindedTraveler.com, Erin is also the Project Administrator/Editor of Pereira City Guide.com - She has been living in Pereira, Colombia for several years.

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