As always, we are keeping you in the loop.  Join us here for the Pereira City Guide Interview by Colombia Calling Radio. We reveal some insights into Pereira, the history, interesting facts and future plans for Pereira City Guide.  There was a very special ambiance when we did this interview.  Richard was in Mompos, and you could hear these beautiful tropical birds and howler monkeys.  Where I was, it was very quiet in the street, especially at 6 am.  If you heard my last interview by Richard then you know already that good sound when communicating via Skype is always a bit sketchy.

Here you go, listen and enjoy the interview!  You have the option to listen in 3 different formats.  No excuses!  We also want to encourage you to check out the other podcasts by Colombia Calling Radio as you will learn about people all over Colombia who are writing, teaching, assisting in conflict resolution, discovering amazing natural wonders and so much more!

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Pereira City Guide Interview by Colombia Calling Radio




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Pereira City Guide Interview by Colombia Calling Radio

We hope you enjoyed that interview, and that you check out some of the other, very interesting, people and organizations who have been on Colombia Calling Radio.  And while we could tell you about how much we like the potential posed by this project, here is Richard’s own description which can also be found here :

For some time now I have been thinking of how to increase the awareness of the Colombia Calling brand, how to thank my listeners and at the same time pay due respects to longform and quality journalism about Colombia. For a complex and misunderstood country such as Colombia, accurate and quality writing is required.
The answer, after careful consultation with various parties, was to create a  annual magazine dedicated to art, culture, news, photography and what is going on in Colombia. It will be in English as Colombia Calling is in English but the idea is that Colombia wins, in providing the lens for great reportage about the country.

Colombia Calling Magazine is destined to be a beautifully produced guide to contemporary Colombia. This 80 page magazine will introduce the reader to some of a new and exciting cadre of unknown writers/ journalists/ photographers and artists plying their trade here in Colombia.

The magazine will feature detailed high quality images, dozens of illustrations, longform journalism and original artwork.

And we will pay our contributors respectfully what is owed to them for their trade.

Do check them out, support their cause, because by supporting their cause you are also supporting our cause in telling the world about the undiscovered beauty and culture of Colombia.  These are people who believe in intelligent travel, sustainable travel and who have fallen as deeply under the spell of Colombia as we have.

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