One of the coolest social scenes in Pereira is dedicated to creativity, solo travel and entrepreneurship for women. It’s a place where we learn about new places, while earning the capital we need to travel to those places. Imagine a women’s social group where ideas are born, plans are made, and a cocktail is served halfway through. If you see the vision, then MQVE Pereira is for you!


 MQVE Pereira

Our title is the English version of the groups actual name: Mujeres Que Viajan y Emprenden #MQV&E, and it’s origin is a Facebook group which was started by local personality and women’s advocate Lady Garcia. A small meeting of local women entrepreneurs inspired her to start a group where women could market their ideas, learn from each other and go do cool things like travel the Coffee Region, Colombia, South America and the world beyond!

The First Meet-Up of MqV&E Pereira

Their first encounter was in February. Of the 30 spaces available, between 35 and 40 women actually showed up to participate. They received ample and enthusiastic coverage for it by the local media, and later many reported enjoying the event along with their interest to return for future events.

The guest speakers included professional bloggers and travel writers who were present in the region at the time of the Meet-Up. These visitors included Natalia Biathova: Solo Traveler and Blogger, Erin Donaldson of professional writer/blogger/influencer and Lady Garcia, Entrepreneur, Influencer and Co-founder of PopUp Network and Katharine Aristizabel of Mama Tierra Blog, a local blogger.

Project Launch for Be Trip

As part of the entrepreneurship of the group, MQVE works to support and help women who want to launch their own business initiatives. The theme does not have to be related to travel, it can be anything from ice cream for dogs, to local fashion designers or travel agencies. The first meet-up helped launch “Be Trip.”

The final speech was given by the co-founders of Be Trip, Cons Hoyos and Alejandra Sanchez, two local girls who launched a sustainable travel consultancy firm and who specialize in a very organic style of intelligent travel.  They create personalized itineraries which feature a balance between fun activities, and philanthropy or service projects. For the traveler who wants to come, tread lightly and make a difference, there are now many activities that this travel firm can facilitate.

For more information or to book your next trip with Be Trip, be sure to follow them on Facebook:

or contact them via WhatsApp @ 300 607 7700

The Second Meet-Up for MQVE | March 17th, 2018


Following the publishing of this article, is the second and last meet-up for the Coffee Region, before MQVE goes on the road! Featuring guest speakers, lunch, a cocktail, pool access and snacks, this is going to be an all-day event full of social activities, travel stories and new ideas for women!

To learn how you can come and participate join the Facebook group: Pereira/

Don’t forget to call or WhatsApp for your reservation with Maria Luisa: 310 544 6973



Be sure to stop by Hotel Uno after 12 pm, or contact Maria Luisa to reserve your space! Reserve ASAP because this event is going to fill up and due to space constraints only 30 attendees are going to be allowed in. The meet-up includes lunch, cocktail, and snack, guest speakers, and pool access. Bring your camera, your business cards, a pen and a notepad!



Editor’s Note: 

The second meet-up was a blast. This time around we met at a different farm, with some men who came and shared their entrepreneurship experience with us. It was a bigger group, even more growth AND, we all left feeling inspired. If you haven’t yet had the chance to join this Facebook group, then click on the following link:

MQVE Pereira

Photo Credit: Maria Luisa Yubarta          Source: El Diario del Otun 22 of March 2018


This is only the beginning steps of a local initiative that also aligns with our main belief, and that is #BuyLocal, #EatLocal and #SupportLocal. Contact us today to learn how you can get involved in MQVE Pereira, sponsor our activities or tell a friend that you feel could use the support of other women!


Owner/Editor of, Erin is also the Project Administrator/Editor of Pereira City - She has been living in Pereira, Colombia for several years.

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