A popular hamburger shop in the Pereira restaurant scene, is La H – La Hamburgueseria. In a world where fast food has overstepped its boundaries, its time to go back to basics in a place where everything is handcrafted, GMO-Free and uses NO MSG. You will find their food prepared with fresh natural ingredients and lots of love!


Owners Natalia and James, have combined all the best elements of local products and wholesome ingredients to create a place that is environmentally conscious and geared towards a sustainable outlook.

About La H

Over two years ago, Natalia opened the first location in Dosquebradas after an extensive study of the American style gourmet hamburger. She had found the perfect method for aging the meat, adding delicious but subtle seasonings (not high in sodium) and forming it into the perfect hamburger. The end result is a well-crafted along with imported ingredients and authentic sauces guaranteed to please your palate.

La H - La Hamburgueseria

Natalia wanted to send a special shoutout to La Escalinata “Paseo Cultural Gourmet” Pereira – a community of restaurants which deliver quality and flavor! 

La H – La Hamburgueseria

Where: Dosquebradas:  Via Rapida – next to TCC – Opalo Local 4    Pereira: Carerra 17 #21b-04 Lorenas Casas @ La Escalinata

Domicilio: (036) 317 1740

Facebook:  facebook.com/LaHLaHamburgueseria/

Instagram: @LaHLaHamburgueseria

Hours: Open Daily at 5 PM

At La H, Natalia and her staff are committed to delivering quality and mindfulness to their customers. Ingredients are fresh, all natural and organic when possible. She does not use MSG, food additives or any other preservatives which accumulate in the body over time causing health problems. She has at least one Gluten Free option, and meat-free options for vegetarians/vegans.


  • Gourmet Hamburgers in various styles!
  • BBQ Ribs – and more!
  • Kids Menu – bring the kids too!
  • Pet Meal – your furry friends are welcome here!

This is a great place to stop in to with your furry friends, it is pet friendly.

Also available are a selection of locally made snacks and drink products which are all-natural, GMO free and organic, when possible. Our favorite Hamburger was the Americana!

Her commitment is to healthy but affordable food that satisfies!



Our mission here at PereiraCityGuide.com is defined in our hashtags #BuyLocal and #SupportLocal, where we work to promote and support local business, local products and local talent. Our future is yours and your future is ours, together we are creating a community of inclusion, mutual support and sustainable practices.

When you help to support local shops like La H – La Hamburgueseria, you are helping to stimulate the local economy. This is where products for small shops and restaurants like Natalia’s, are purchased from local suppliers, versus large suppliers where profits funnel back to the shareholders and corporate entities. The side benefit is discovering what might be your new favorite eatery. Try it today!

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