We present to you here the highlight events for Fiesta de las Cosechas 2017, or party of the harvest. Some events we have left out, especially the “barrio” parties, in order to bring you the events which our readers will find the most relevant.

To see the full program guide En Espanol copy/paste this link into your browser (Accuracy unverified): http://www.colombia.com/turismo/ferias-y-fiestas/fiestas-de-la-cosecha/programacion/


Fiesta de Las Cosechas 2017 Pereira | August 16th – August 30th

Pereira Fiesta Saturday

The Party of the Harvest in Pereira, is not unlike the American State Fair. And it shares the agricultural theme of harvest success.

In fact, many of the fiestas de las cosechas traditions today, were preceded by the traditions and lifestyles of their agrarian Paisa ancestors. Culture, Music, Art and Food are all part of the schedule. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including lectures and talleres, or workshops where new hobbies, ideas and skills can be discovered by the passerby.

We don’t recommend the “barrio,” or neighborhood parties as some of these areas are not recommended for visitors. If you live there or have family there – then that is a different story and you are much freer to enter and participate. 

Important Terminology

Most of the existing event programs are completely in Spanish. If you speak and read the language fine, then no problem, we are going to give you links to the Spanish versions where you can cross check our information. If you are still learning, then we are here to help you not only get involved, but also understand some of the local culture and terminology.

Paisa Architecture-2Paisa – Used to describe the culture of Antioquia, Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda (Pereira). The “Paisa” is described as being very tierno, or sweet in temperament (esp women), and formal, or very polite and formal in their behavior. Most Paisas come from some sort of agricultural ancestry, and not always, but often – embrace conservative values, which reflect on their outlook towards life, the way they treat their women, and how they run their business.

Chapolera – The traditional “Paisa Campesina” clothing worn by women of the 18th and early 19th century in Colombia. They consist of a long ruffled skirt made from light cotton, a shirt which is light and typically shows shoulder, also with complementary color accents and ruffles. Their hair may be worn up or down with a flower accent.

Campesino/a – The word for country dwellers/peasants of Latin America. These are the people who grow food and raise livestock. The notion of campesino seems to be based on lord/serf traditions of the Spanish colonization – which even comes out today in the attitudes of the people and the stratification of Colombian neighborhoods, business zoning, water meters and more.

Chapolero – Loose white linen or cotton pants and shirt with a folded up poncho, machete, neck scarf and wide brimmed hat. Often you will see them wearing Sombreros Aguadenos, or wide brimmed hats made in Aguadas, Caldas.

Paso Fino Colombiano

Chalaneria – Riding schools which offer lessons for children and adults to learn how to ride and show horses. These schools also offer horse boarding and usually have an onsite professional horse trainer. Use some horse sense when choosing a Chalaneria, watch out for trainers who are heavy handed and cruel to their animals, or who work the horses based more on fear/domination and less on partnership/teamwork. Don’t risk the safety of you and your children by riding horses which are haven’t been handled in a fair and compassionate way. This also includes Cabalgatas which are open to the public.

Cabalgata – Horse Parade or Trail Ride, usually depending on the context of the activity. For the Fiestas de La Cosecha it was a horse parade, often a total disaster which has resulted in the death and injury of horses every year due to drunken idiots who pay to rent a “Paso Fino” but don’t know their ass from their elbow about how to care for, or properly ride these horses. Many cities in Colombia have slowly and very diplomatically outlawed the yearly fiesta cabalgatas due to the previous issues mentioned. Nothing against responsible horse-owners, but this attraction should not be open to non-horse educated people, ever.

Desfile – Parade or march. Be sure to catch the yearly Jeep Parade in Pereira as it is one of the best events which also give visitors a glimpse into the fame of a Paisa culture icon, the Jeep Willy.

Macho/Machista – Colombian/Spanish descendents have a notion of manliness which has endured all the way to the 21st century and outlasted the feminist movements. Most Latin men have this in varying degrees of intensity. The man we label “machista” is not unlike the American hillbilly who demands that the woman get her ass in the kitchen, cook his dinner and put out good sex later. From this culture stems the justification of “amantes” or lovers, the girlfriends on the side. In places like Colombia, a man isn’t considered manly among his peers unless he has several girlfriends, or at the very least – a wife and a lover. Of course, we wouldn’t want you to judge every Colombian man by this antiquated standard. But, in the world of Campesinos, and rural areas – you will often find this adherence to “manly” tradition also known as machismo.

Rumbero/a – This is the Colombian (not Spanish) word for the party animal. This is the men and women who are dedicated soccer fans, bar flies and weekend partiers who love fiestas. We call the fiestas “rumba.” And the party-goers “rumberos.”

Colombianidad – This is a sense of national identity, patriotism or self-identity with a certain subgroup like “AfroColombianidad” or Colombians of African descent. Especially in recent years, as local activists work to help retain local traditions, arts and even skills, the term Colombianidad, comes into play.

Fonda Tipica – It’s a series of concerts based around different themes within the genre “Musica Colombiana.” This is the national music of Colombia. The angsty vallenato, the party rythmns of the coast and the fast salsa rythmn of Cali. You will find each event to be a different facet of the cultural music of Colombia. Dress down, bring small bills and don’t carry any valuables – this is a relaxed drinking event but remember “No dar papaya.” (Don’t give advantage)

Reina/Reinado del Pasillo Carrefour – Reina of course, is the term typically used to denote “Beauty Queens.” And Reinado, is like the competition which happens each year at Fiestas, to crown the most beautiful woman. Colombians love beauty queens and pageants. For each major festival, there is almost always a beauty pageant.

Concurso – Competition in the sense of arts, crafts and skills. Example: Concurso de Tango, is a Tango competition.

Taller – This is a workshop, which typically means it is open to the public. You might need to pay a fee, or it might be gratis, or free.

Program Guide | Fiestas de la Cosecha Pereira 2017


Week I

August 17th | Thursday

Inaugural Parade – 4:00 PM

Between 4 and 5 pm the parade will start and pass through the 3 in-line plazas of el Centro (Parque Liberated Calle 14 / Plaza Bolivar Calle 19 & 20 / Parque El Lago Calle 23 & 24.

Symphony in Plaza Bolivar – 8:00 pm

DSC04978Listen to the Pereira Symphonic Band play local and international favorites to kick-off the Pereira Harvest Parties for 2017! Be sure to arrive between 7:00-7:30 pm to get seats. This is a very nice band to listen to. They also play every Friday at Centro Cultural Lucy Tejada at 4:00 pm. You won’t regret it!

August 18th | Friday

Fonda en Fonda in Plaza Victoria

Free music concerts provided by the city. Featuring Los Gigantes del Vallenato and Tormenta. If you haven’t really been exposed to Vallenato, but you are ok with country music (US/Ca), then you might enjoy the Vallenato experience. And, who would be better to show you than the self-proclaimed giants of vallenato. Enjoy!

Tormenta, is a female Colombian singer who will take you back to that disco-swing feeling of the late 70’s and 80’s. Experience old-school Colombian culture. Just don’t get to crazy with the drinking because you won’t be the only one to invent crazy. This is a strata 3-4 type of crowd. Shouldn’t be a problem but don’t accept drinks or food from any strangers, keep your valuables on you at all times.

August 19th | Saturday

Pereira Fest – Picnic and Music Festival | 11:30 am – 11 pm

On a sunny day in the open air, come to Parque Olaya for a picnic event where local and national musicians will perform. Featuring 12 hours of continuous music from two different stages. Thankfully, alcohol WILL be available for sale inside, but you cannot bring your own. Bring some spiked slushies from 7-11, if necessary! Pet’s are welcome, and special doggy ice-cream will be available. There will be food options available too!

Ornamental Rooster Festival in La Florida August 19th & 20th | All Day

This is an event you won’t want to miss! Plan to arrive early and leave late. Expect large crowds and beautiful scenery. Visitors can catch any bus going to La Florida from Plaza Victoria on the sidewalk facing the Shopping mall. Busses pass by every 20 minutes. Events include a beauty pageant with a feathery twist, ornamental rooster exhibition, tejo tournaments, organic farmers market, artisan craft fair, coffee producers, food and drinks. Live music, local art and local culture with events for all ages.

La Feria on Circunvalar August 19th, 20th & 21st | 10:00 am – 12 pm 

This is a fun street fair where you can learn about the products, services and foods of Pereira. Small local start-ups, restaurants and products will be set up in cute little booths all along the Avenue Circunvalar. Bring enough to buy yourself a drink, buy a souvenir, or taste something new! Be sure to wear a hat as it can get very hot around midday in the heat.

Land Rover Parade in Pinares | 11:00 am

The land rover club is cute. They go climb around in the mountains, do little parades in the city and then go look for mud and puddles. If you are staying on Circunvalar, or you live in Pinares or Los Alpes, it will be convenient to get to and watch. You will see all types of models and modifications, particularly for mudding and mountain driving.

“Bike Week” at Parque La Rebecca | 5:00 pm and onward

Bike Week PereiraSomeone should send them a memo about “week vs. day” – but who’s judging? It’s all good, they can call it whatever they want. This is a small event. Our recommendation is to go eat dinner at one of the many fine restaurants in and around Parque La Rebecca, then wander through the bike display. You will see Honda road bikes, BMW touring bikes and some fun chopper bikes. There are always at least one or two Harleys, and rich women trying to look like low class biker chicks. Another cute event!

Guitar Orchestra & Concert at Teatro Santiago Londono | 7:00 pm

One of our top recommendations, don’t wait to buy your tickets as this event always sells out at least 1-2 days prior. Also, DO NOT BE LATE. Once the doors close there is no admittance. You will enjoy guitar serenades, Spanish guitar and flamenco guitar styles. Discover the Colombian classical styles which have endured since early colonization by the Spanish. Don’t miss out on this event.

Fonda en Fonda Concert Plaza Victoria | 8:00 pm

If you’re not into classy music then come on down to the plaza and enjoy some Musica Popular Colombiano with two nationally celebrated bands: Guayacán y Dora Libia. Instead of Vallenato and Ballads, this time around you will enjoy salsa, merengue and all the famous Colombian dance tunes. This is an older crowd, a beer drinking crowd – use an appropriate amount of caution, but if this is your scene then enjoy! No Cover.

August 20th  | Sunday

Bacanalia at Hotel Movich Pereira | Doors open at 3:00 pm (arrive between 4 and 5 pm)

Fiestas de las Cosechas 2017

The Tipsy Bird @ Hotel Movich knows how to have a good time!

Based on a “Carnaval” theme, Vol. 3 Bacanalia, is an over-the-top 12 hour party where you check your responsibilities at the door and plan to hang out, eat gourmet cuisine, drink some artisan cocktails and enjoy some of the best live bands and DJ’s that Pereira has to offer. If you buy your tickets ahead of time, entry is 40,000, plus an extra 10,000 if you bring your own bottle of alcohol. Tickets at the door will be 50,000 COP + 10,000 for consumables (bottle of liquor/wine). This is an upscale environment with a relaxed atmosphere. Dressy casual is the typical dress code. allevents.in/pereira/bacanalia-carvanal/128020121141926#


Eje Rock Festival at Parque Obelisko de la Villa Olimpica | 1:00 PM

Fry like an egg on the concrete, as you sweat to some live rock bands, one of Pereira’s favorite types of music. Bring plenty of water, weed and nutrition bars. Or you can just buy a beer – and tough it out like all the rest of the fiesta-goers. Get ready for an scene of wild fun and intensity as you hear a combination of Punk, Metal, Hard Rock, Garage Bands and more! If you love rock don’t listen to us, go do it because its probably exactly what you need to relieve some stress and cut loose one more time before Monday hits.

Fonda en Fonda in Plaza Victoria | 8:00 pm

This one features Andy Montañez (salsa) and Los Inquietos (Vallenato). Bring your dancing shoes and your drinking blues because you will hear a little bit of both with the line-up. The nice thing about this event, is it is out-of-doors, plenty of police patrolling, and you typically have room to move around in. The events in Plaza Bolivar tend to be perpetually overcrowded. Enjoy and be safe! Watch out for dirty old men sneaking up on you…if you are female.

Week II

August 24th | Thursday

“Pereira Flowers in August” at Centro Convenciones ExpoFuturo, August 24th, 25th & 26th | 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Fiesta de las Cosechas

Botanic Garden @ Universidad UTP – Cattaleya quadricolor

Orchid culture is an important part of Colombia, as a country which has been exporting flowers for more than 20 years. It has a special cultural significance as an old-world tradition involving country customs and national identity. All over Colombia you will encounter different species of orchids which are suited for every climate. Often cultivators will spend 10+ years cultivating their own hybrids and varieties. This event is hosted by the Association Risaraldense de Orquideologia, an association for orchid enthusiasts based in Pereira.

100 Years of Paramo in Plaza Bolivar | 8:00 pm

We have no idea what this is… We hope it is something cool and worth seeing? If anyone knows anything about this – please write us an email so we can help you promote it! PereiraCityGuide@gmail.com Thanks!

August 25th | Friday

International Gastronomic Festival in Plaza Bolivar | 7:00 – 10:30 pm – Be there at 6:00 pm to line-up.

DSC04990One of our favorite events, don’t miss out on this one! But definitely plan ahead. This event is so high demand that the food is pretty much gone and picked over within 2 hours. Anyone who gets in line after 6:30 probably won’t get a table. At 8:00 pm there’s a special cultural, musical event, last year it didn’t start till 9:00 pm. There will be singing, cultural dances and even a message by either the mayor or the governor (or both). Smuggle a bottle in with you if possible and plan to hang out for the duration.

August 26th | Saturday

Classic Car Parade in el Centro | 11:00 am

DSC04838This is a really nice event. Especially if you love the Jeep Willys, you won’t want to miss this. Starting last year they combined the Jeep Parade with Old cars, but you won’t be disappointed – lots of jeeps and classic costumes! Some of the best places to go for viewing this parade includes Centro Commercial Plaza Bolivar (2nd floor Restaurante Urbano et al), Plaza Bolivar, Parque el Lago and Parque Liberated. Plan to arrive early to find a nice place to see the parade.

August 30th | Wednesday

Commemoration at Monumento Fundadores | 9:00 am

The city leadership and a few important folks will gather at the “monumento fundadores” on Avenida Circunvalar, where they have a hunk of concrete with a statue on it. This area could be a lot better, the event could be a lot bigger maybe? But, not really something super interesting for a tourist or visitor. If you do go, bring a hat and either water or aguardiente.


Seems like last year was a much bigger line-up of events including a bigger concert over at the football stadium. Any thoughts? Is the Alcaldia of Pereira making cut-backs? 

Once again, Pereira is a bit regulimbi (or so-so) on their biggest annual event. It seems like we have seen cities really come together in a spirit of participation to hold events like this, but Pereira is running behind a bit. There are two things that many of us who are related to tourism agree on: #1 Pereira is a really cool place, we love it here. #2 Pereira seems to have this massive potential that is going to waste for lack of good marketing.

Maybe this is intentional. We have had our share of critics who feel like the outside world doesn’t need to know about this beautiful little city. And, that’s their opinion, we respect that. Our mission is to help local businesses succeed, and to help the local economy succeed, by communicating the information that visitors and foreign residents are looking for!

Your future is our future, and our future depends on your success. PereiraCityGuide.com is here to support and relay information to the local and international community. Feel free to give us your wisdom, insights and constructive criticism. We will give you back high quality information, hard work and our love for The Pear of the Otun River! Our Querendona, Transnochadora y Morena. The City Without Doors. Pereira, Colombia.

We will be adding to Fiesta de las Cosechas event schedule all the privately hosted events by local businesses as we learn about them. As always we are here curating the best information and content available in English for Pereira, Colombia! Enjoy!

Please contact us (pereiracityguide@gmail.com), if you have any corrections, additional Fiesta de las Cosechas info or events you feel that outsiders and foreign residents would enjoy. Thanks!

Owner/Editor of OpenMindedTraveler.com, Erin is also the Project Administrator/Editor of Pereira City Guide.com - She has been living in Pereira, Colombia for several years.

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