For a hamburger experience, that is like something out of the movies, AlexTremo is the type of hamburger place that you won’t be able to resist coming back to. With handcrafted burgers from high quality meat, and a decadent touch of bacon, this is for you food-lovers!

AlexTremo Pereira

AlexTremo Hamburgers & Venezuelan Arepas

Alex was born in Venezuela as the son of a Colombian woman. As a result he had dual citizenship and had kept some loose ties to his mother’s hometown: Pereira.


The situation in Venezuela finally reached the cost – to – profit tipping point. Money was no longer enough to pay for what his family needed to survive.  It was then that he had a moment of illumination. It was time to expand his horizons and take a calculated risk, and Pereira was his solution.

Show your support by liking their Facebook page or @alextremobistro on Instagram, and using the hashtags #HamburguesasDePelícula#EatLocal and #SupportLocal when you post to social media!

Over a year later, AlexTremo is well-known on Social Media for their funny and colorful “de Pelicula” campaigns and funny memes. Did we mention that their burgers are delicious? Let’s talk about that.


Alex wanted to send a special shoutout to La Escalinata “Paseo Cultural Gourmet” Pereira – a community of restaurants which deliver quality and flavor! 


In Alex own words “A movie is an experience and I want my hamburgers to be their own unique experience which puts surprise on the faces of my customers.” At Alextremo, they do a few things which helps their burgers stand out, both in terms of flavor and quality.

  1. Each burger is high quality 90 % Beef and 10% Bacon.
  2. Each burger is hand-prepared from scratch.
  3. No additives – No Soy – No MSG

There are two types of burgers – a regular patty with spices and seasonings added for richer flavor, and then a special STUFFED patty which comes with cheese on the inside. Both are delicious, the one who writes this personally loves the Pulp Fiction, or the one that’s stuffed with jalapeño jack cheese with jalapeños and red peppers!

Hours of Operation: Every day 6:00 PM – midnight

Domicilio: 301 209 9405

Show your support by liking their Facebook page or @alextremobistro on Instagram, and using the hashtags #HamburguesasDePelícula#EatLocal and #SupportLocal when you post to social media!


Each hamburger comes with an extra added detail – a special “brand of authenticity” which is stamped onto each and every burger bun as a promise of quality and flavor! Plus it looks cool. The burgers are served either on a plate with class, or a box with flash – you choose. Don’t forget to try the house sauce for some extra added pop to the flavors!



Guess what? If meat isn’t really your thing, Alextremo did something extra special for their vegetarian visitors! They now feature vegetarian patties made from garbanzos  – so that everyone can enjoy the experience of “comida de pelicula.” The feeling Alex wants to convey is a type of food that will inspire you like the famous movie namesakes of the burgers inspired Alex.

Arepas Venezolanas

When you see the name “Hamburgeseria,” or hamburger shop, it should bring to mind only one image – a big juice and delicious meat patty on bread with extra added toppings. Yet, Alex’s homeland caught up to him in the form of a local favorite that has become popular due to the Venezuelan immigration – Arepas Venezolanas! And they now offer a limited but delicious list, of authentic flavors!



AlexTremo is a very original, delicious slice of hamburger heaven that we hope our readers will enjoy. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on. Most importantly, it is the fulfillment of someone’s dream. When you find businesses like this, it’s an experience injected with passion and excitement. We promise you it will leave you feeling an extra magic that only comes from local small businesses.

When you visit establishments like this one, you are supporting the small business scene of Pereira. Local business owners inject more cash and returns into the local economy than any other type of player and should be valued and supported as such.

Show your support by liking their Facebook page or @alextremobistro on Instagram, and using the hashtags #HamburguesasDePelícula#EatLocal and #SupportLocal when you post to social media!


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