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Latest Blog Posts

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Kolibrí Hostal Pereira
Kolibrí Hostal Pereira Discover a beautiful hostel with creative fun spaces and productive work spaces. Featuring super-high-speed 20 mb internet and an almost 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains, you can't find another place like it anywhere!
Coffee and Travel Hostel
Coffee and Travel Hostel Where the coffee is brewed fresh and you are treated like family. At Coffee and Travel Hostel, you will find a fun and relaxed atmosphere. An optimum location in the center of Pereira, you can explore the many niche coffee shops, dining and...
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent Your peace of mind when buying Colombian property is assured, with Gestión Inmobiliaria del Eje Cafetero. Buy your dream house in the Coffee Region with people who will ensure high quality service and efficiency from start to finish.
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